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Day One Impressions

I'm glad you're feeling ok. On my first day, I felt pretty much as you are until it got to about nine o'clock at night. I started having terrible doubts and - possibly - withdrawal symptoms from lack of sugar and white bread. I was even watching the documentary about the half-tonne mom on Channel 4 at the time and still I felt awful. I phoned everyone to tell them how I felt and went to bed thinking that I was going to phone a Cambridge Diet counsellor the next day, because I know they have more flavours.
I got up the next morning and I felt brilliant. I went to work and told a few people about the diet and I came home full of beans (and water!)
I did very much the same as you; I got rid of food I didn't need and my youngest daughter goes to her sister's to eat, which takes a lot of pressure off me. I'm using more gas but less electricity. And more loo roll.
I was taking medication for my back spasms but I am pleased to say I haven't needed to take it since I started Lipotrim. Maybe it's psychosomatic but I haven't had any back pain since I started, though I have had a few headaches, particularly in the early days. My major concern has been constipation. I hate taking laxatives but I find this is the only thing that works.
Keep posting on here and it will take your mind off things if it gets too much for you.


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Hi SD :)

You're doing brilliantly and I know it is hard to push the water, especially when it's cold weather. Have you tried drinking it warmish instead? I find that helps when I feel cold:)

Once you get past Day 3 it will feel so much different so hang in there and look forward to the results from all your effort.

Lacey..xx :)


Gone fishing

He got a sudden realisation that if this all goes to plan, he won't be sampling my prior methods of cooking, and looked a tad crestfallen at that concept - I was cooking with lots of butter, cream, and I sometimes did gourmet chocolate cakes/biscuits/sweets. Occasionally I got commissions to make the cake of chocolate doom - I'm sure I'll still be able to make the chocolate related stuff (particularly if I'm getting paid for it!),

Oh gosh. Sounds lovely :D Lots of people find they have an urge to cook for others whilst they're on this diet. It's weird

and think if they can do it I can too.
You bet you can

Have you tried drinking it warmish instead? I find that helps when I feel cold:)
You know Lacey...I've only just discovered this. Well, unless I had forgotten about it. Since finishing the dieting business:rolleyes: I've dropped my water intake to zilch:eek:

I've recently upped it again when I found it was rather pleasant after a minute zap in the microwave. Much less of a chore now:cool:


Gone fishing
I think im on the wrong diet ????/ a stone in a week. How fab

Didn't she do well :clap:

and no...you aren't on the wrong diet :D Lipotrim, cambridge, Lighterlife. The results are similar. Not saying everyone will lose a stone in a week:eek:, but what they lose themselves will be similar across the diets IYKWIM


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Thanks guys....:eek::eek::eek::eek::)

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