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Day one of?


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Well done on getting this far through Day 1 - not long to go now before bed time and then that is one day of success and onto the next! Good luck with it!
Had tomato soup for supper - yucky! I'm hoping it's an acquired taste. Strawberry shake with plenty of ice for breakfast, which was nice as was my cereal bar. Even said 'no' to a Cadbury's chocolate finger. That was a SERIOUS achievement. I honestly think that without chocolate I'd be a size 10. I just find it so addictive! Finding it hard to drink so much water so I'm having green tea instead. I hope that's ok.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement. :)

thanks for your post earlier on my diary x

green tea is very good for you but tastes like poo i think lol!!! but great if you can drink it :)

hope you have good day tomorrow

speak soon x
Day 3! Had veg soup last night. Better than the tomato but still pretty gross. V
Vanilla shake for breakfast - ok - yummy bar for lunch. Really lethargic today and I feel I've been doing this for months. Bit nervous as I'm going up to London tomorrow including a meal out. Going to make it a small salad but concerned it well take me back to square one.
It will get better hon .......I am sure you could add a little protein ..chicken/fish to your salad tomorrow and still be ok. Well done on getting this far .........enjoy your day in London and your meal!
enjoy your meal out love x we are in this for a long time and we are all going to face these days out x

keep going x
It sounds like you've got off to a good start :) If you can stick with it being low carb for your salad, so avoid the extra bread they always seem to try and tempt you with then it shouldn't have an adverse affect on you. I'm sure you'll see some great results on the scales by the end of the week!
:break_diet: Oops

I knew going out was going to be a challenge. I was all up for the salad until my friend said "shall we both have a main course and share a salad?". So spaghetti it was, and annoyingly it wasn't even that nice.

I've always known I'm weak-willed though, and if I'm honest I was probably looking for an opportunity to cheat :sigh:

Back on it today and feeling very positive despite the choc shake still tasting yucky. I've tried it as a hot chocolate and as a mocha, with coffee added but found them both gross - will try as a standard shake next time. Weigh in on Wednesday, not expecting anything dramatic (after the spaghetti setback) but 3lb would be nice.


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You got straight back on which is the main thing - and a fantastic achievement - well done
hey sweetie x

you have done a brilliant job getting back on track x keep your head up and move forward ... you ared doing amazingly well!!!
What a kind and encouraging lot you all are. Just had the most disgusting one,for me anyway, the tomato soup. Added twenty tons of black pepper and made it a bit runnier which helped. Avoided the yummy fish pie I made for everyone else so a 100'/, day :)