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Hi everyone,

Just thought I would let you know that I am back from a holiday in Sweden and after gaining 5lbs in a week I was definately ready to start today. So today is day 1 and its nearly over!!. All the times I tried to restart last year I couldnt even get to this point so I am feeling fabulous and know I can do it this time. I still have a product left to have and half a bottle of water then I have had 3 litres. Feeling fine slight dull headache but its all good as ketosis is just around the corner. Just wanted to check is green tea and peppermint tea ok when on SS, cant remember?

Anyone else started today?

Good luck everyone x x
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Hi Tink! Glad to hear you've been able to start, you've been keeping an eye on us for a few weeks now getting ready! I think since you're already psyched up for it you'll do great!


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I know peppermint tea permitted, not sure about green tea. I seem to recall that there was a problem with green teas infused with fruit flavours. Hopefully you will get an informed response soon but well done on getting day one done and dusted!


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I've been told that peppermint tea is fine, good job because i'm drinking loads of it! And an added bonus is that the minty taste makes me not want to eat anything, and its great for digestion. I add two sweetex (tablet form) with mine. xx