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    Today is day one on CD and so far I have already had a banana shake and 2 of my ‘emergency’ bars, which I’m only supposed to have if it’s a case of ‘eat a bar or break the diet’. So not a brilliant start, but it’s a start! I am absolutely determined now to not have anything other than one more shake today, and lots of water. I’m on 4 packs a day, being tall, and I think tomorrow I will split them into 8 and that way I can have one every two hours.
    I have exactly 3 stones to lose so shouldn’t be on sole source for very long…fingers crossed... but would love any help, advice and support.
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  3. Time4ME

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    Hope you are doing ok, I split my shakes into 2 - increases water intake as well.
    Good luck xx
  4. daydreamz

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    Well I’ve managed day one…just. I did have two bars which I shouldn’t have done, but I had them in place of two shakes, so not as bad as it could have been, and hopefully being day one it won’t hold back ketosis for long. What I’ve realised is that I had just had an argument with someone before I ate the first bar and had just dropped and broken my blender’s jug before I ate the second. Which begs the question… why was my first response to being angry to eat something? It’s just so weird. Is it some pre-historic throwback to biting/attacking something or someone? Maybe centuries ago I would have bitten the person that made me angry. I know some people eat when upset but I don’t…if anything being upset makes me lose my appetite, but obviously anger and frustration are my triggers. Anyway I’m going to keep an eye on my emotions and how they relate to my need to put food in my mouth.
    Day one done…roll on day two.
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    Time 4me: thank you for the good luck wishes. Do you have a diary?

    Today I’ve found the diet hard to stick to… but I did it. I can’t even say the struggle was because I was hungry because even though I’m not in ketosis I’m not actually hungry. Probably because I’ve split my packs so have one about every two hours. I’ve made each half pack with just over ½ a litre of water to further increase my water intake. The shakes taste okay heavily watered down, in fact I prefer them more diluted rather than with the recommended amount of water, but I won’t do it with the soups again…watery mushroom soup is absolutely vile.
    Today I was again aware of wanting to eat as a response to being stressed. My DD, aged 14, rang to ask could she go to a school friend’s tonight for a party as it’s the friend’s birthday. She has previously told me that this girl (who’s the same age) drinks and smokes cannabis so I was reluctant (to say the least!), but said she could go as so many of her other friends were also going. I did feel steam-rollered into agreeing…not wanting to say yes, but wanting to trust my child and respect her judgement. After putting the phone down my first reaction was a strong urge to eat something, and if I wasn’t on CD I know I would have done so without even being aware of what I was doing or why. I’m going to see if I can find a book on emotional eating because obviously it is a problem for me and I’d like to get it sorted asap. As it happens DD rang back later to say she wasn’t going to go to the party after all as she didn’t fancy it anymore. Must try to do some subtle digging later to find out why.

    Anyway day two done…roll on day three.

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    Day 4 and I'm in ketosis and already 3lbs down!

    Well this is the start of day 4 and I am in ketosis... I weighed myself first thing and already 3lbs down...that's a lb a day!
    On the negative side I'm so tired and weak. I can't get to sleep at night...tossing and turning 'til gone 1am which is just not me. I'm asleep usually within 10 minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Thank goodness it's the weekend tomorrow and I can have a lie-in.
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