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Days Off?


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Have you ever given yourself a day off from SW - for a birthday, etc?

Genuinely interested in knowing if people do or not?

I guess I'm trying to make an excuse in allowing myself to have a day when I can eat all I want (Binge Behaviour??)

I think I feel like I need to be able to be in control of my eating and when on a diet/plan/lifestyle change I always ALWAYS have these thoughts and usually around the 3rd day in (Today is the third day) and then three weeks in.

I'm enjoying the foods I'm eating and I'm not struggling with it AT ALL so I can't use that as an excuse so I'm sure this all has deeper meanings but hmmmmm....I get angry at myself for feeling like I want to have a day off too and then annoyed that I can't have a day off....:mad::confused::(

Anyone else as weird as me?? LOL:confused:
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Having battled bulima since being a teenager I know all about weird eating habits!! I`ve invented a few of my own!!

Real life has a habit of getting in the way. That`s where flexible syns come into their own. Hasn`t your consultant told you about them?


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I don't go to group - I bought the books needed to know how to do it - I can't really afford to go right now.

Is that where you can carry syns over throughout the week?
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You can save your syns up so that you can have extra, say at the weekend, but it's best to have at least a few each day. I usually save syns for alcohol at the weekend.

The alternative is to use flexi syns. You set yourself a total for the day such as 30, 50 or even 100 and stay within those syns. You will probably not lose weight that week but at least you'll still be in control of what you are eating. This reduces any guilt you might feel and means you are more likely to get back to normal the next day.

You could go completely off plan but you would have to accept that you may well gain that week. However, I think most of us have days like that once in a while for a special occasion and if you get right back on plan straight away you'll quickly lose any gains.

My problem is I've had too many holidays this year and I've been pretty much off plan on all of them. I haven't had enough time to lose my gains between holidays and that is why my weight chart below doesn't look too good.


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I also save up my syns for alcohol especially like for this weekend there are a few birthdays and although I want to be in control I also want to enjoy myself which I can now.


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I'm lucky, I WI Thurs night - go out Fri night and drink - all counted, then I have Sat - Thurs on low syns, so I stay within the weekly amount

I've tried not drinking - and I gain or STS , so for me, using most in 1 day works
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I'm doing this tomorrow. Other halves birthday and we going for a meal. So instead of picking at the food I have not had many syns and going to cut them down over the next week till I WI again.


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Thanks guys! I think if I do have a "day off" I will make sure my syns are low before and after - not planning on one yet but it's nice to hear how everybody sees it :)


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The point of a flexi day is that it shouldn't affect the rest of the weeks syns (because that'd make getting back on track after your flexi day harder to do). So for the rest of the week you have your daily syn allowance that you'd normally have. On the flexi day you decide how many syns you'll stick within (30; 50; 100; whatever), and stick within that. That way you aren't breaking promises to yourself, or eating sneakily, or getting the whole guilty 'I've messed up - I just deserve to be a fat blimp - where are the pasties' syndrome that people can suffer with, and are in a fit mental state to get back on track the next day.

But - you shouldn't expect a loss that week, or beat yourself up for not caring that weigh-in. It's part of life. Eating is just part of life. It's just getting it all in perspective.


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I had 3 days off over the weekend! Well i say days but it was more like normal slimming world days, with added birthday cake and chinese :) ha ha! I didn't reduce my syns on the following days, as i know i would of felt deprived and risked totaly falling off the wagon! I accepted i may gain and enjoyed my hubbys birthday.
I still, somehow, managed to lose 2lb! There always will be some occasions where you need to eat something that is too high in syns to stay ''on plan'', this is life :)
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Great thread - though only on week 2 I am eating so much and enjoying my food I do not feel like I need a day off. I have previously been a binge eater so this is good. Speaking of the binge eating I am a very greedy person. Week one I lost 3 1/2, week 2 I gained 1 1/2. I am gutted. I can really really eat a lot and this unlimited food is great!! I do eat massive amounts of superfree food too as I love my veggies and fruit. The only reason I can put to the weight gain is eating too much free food. I do not usually have a hexb as I find the free potatoes and pasta satisfy my carb craving. My hexa is 350ml skimmed milk every day - I love tea! I measured my milk and can make 7 brews with 350ml per day. I save my syns for wine only. I drink approximately 3 bottles of wine per week which is a lot I know but I am being honest here! Am I doing all this right??
I don't have days off - but I do use flexi syns quite regularly. If I didn't I'm sure I would completely fall of the wagon!!

Flexi syns are part of the plan, I use them when I have had a loss, this is my 'treat' if when I have weighed in I have had a loss then I allow myself anywhere between 30 - 50 syns that day.

I know it sounds weird, but its what keeps me on track. I don't 'blow' it or 'have a day off', I write down and calculate what I'm eating, even if it is a chinese takeaway!


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You really should eat your HEB - it's there for nutritional purposes, that is why they recommend it (although it is only recommended that you do for a healthy balance), it's for fibre, not carbs
They also advise that free food is until you are satisfied

White wine ranges between 24 & 36 syns for a standard 75cl bottle, depending whether it is dry, sweet etc

hope this helps
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Thanks Debridger. Will try and have a HexB more often as satiety may well be more satisfied too! Thanks for the advice on the wine. I like very dry wine which I imagine will count as 24 so having 72 syns per week on wine!!
Roll on home time ..............


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I used to have a meal off plan when losing, WI is Thurs so Fri or sat night would have a blow out chinese, indian, etc. It was fun planning the 'treat' and i am sure helped me stay on track the rest of the week - so would equate to a flexi day altho i never bothered to add up the syns!

Now as a maintainer I am fortunate that i do not have to be so rigid, and i consider an off plan day is a day where i dont have any fruit and veggies lol but otherwise still keeping within my syns :)
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I have a day off on Saturday's, but I still keep it under control eg I'll let myself have as much alcohol as I like but still be moderately strict on my meal, or Ill have a takeaway but no alcohol etc.
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i go to group on Saturdays with my friend, then the rest of the day/night we dont count syns at all if we have had a loss. its naughty but seems to work as you get it out your system. and i save my night out for Saturday and all my binge eating. and some weeks i don't want to because the group and weigh in has made me focused. i think the most important thing, which i have been told, is not to weigh daily. only weigh once a week as if you weigh every day, if you have eaten badly but lost weight, it could be from the other days when you were good, and you trick yourself into thinking you can get away with loads of syns... then it catches up with you!
Good luck and dont worry!

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