Debating about a class, and asking a friend


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Hi All

I have two queries.... basically I've joined SW about 4 times (one of those was literally just to get the books) and after saying to myself that going to a class doesnt work for me, it seems that not going to a class also doesnt work either !! I'm now thinking of joining again, but I do wonder what why I think I can make it work this time. Also I hate waiting around for a class to start, plus there's the money aspect too.

Here's my second question though and this could be why I think it might work this time.... I'm thinking of asking my neighbour to come with me. She's been asking about the gym I'm going to and I know at some point we were talking about diets etc..... I wouldnt be offended if someone asked me, but at the same time I really dont want to offend her. How do I come out with it too ????
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I'm doing SW on my own, I haven't got the confidence to go to classes on my own and have no one to go with.

If I were you, I would just mention to her during conversation that you are thinking of joining one but would feel happier going if you could find a friend to go with, if she shows an interest then ask her to go with you :)


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I always stay to class, and go alone, it maybe boring waiting for it to start but its only one evening for an hour or so, its not exactly a huge amount of time! Staying for class is the only reason im sticking to this diet i get advice and support plus there's always the side of me that doesn't want to be embaressed about having a gain (even though i have) because others are there. Plus you meet new people who are in the same shoes as me. I asked a friend the otherday if she wanted to come with me and she didn't get offended at all, even though to me she's thin enough! id just ask, maybe start off saying "i dont want to offend but we've talked about diets before and ......." something like that. you wont know unless you ask. PLEASE think about staying to class.


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I go to class on my own, and have done since i started, but after a few weeks, i am now sitting chatting to strangers (but with somthing in common). It will only take a few classes before you get to know faces.

If fact i don;t think of them as strangers any more, i think of them as friends. They give me advice, and we have a little laugh before the class starts... Please try and do it for a few weeks, you never know you might make some new friends.

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I would do as the others have suggested Hun...just mention that you are thinking of going to SW class, but you dont like to go on your own and there isnt any one that you could think of to ask...that way then the ball is in here court to take up the offer.


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I agree with Mrs V. Try that but if she doesn't want to come along just go anyway.
I have never gone with anyone, and every group I have been to are really friendly.
I have joined a few times, and stopped thinking I could do it alone. Wrong. I can't. Some people obviously do well alone, but for me I need to go. I also love the tips and interaction.
Good luck!


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What specifically is it that your don't like about going to class? Is it the thought of meeting and possible having to talk to people that you don't know? These are just people like you facing the same issues and worries so you already have something in common with them. At this time of year there will likely be several newbies who are feeling equally daunted at the prospect of joining so hook up with them for moral support. And the best ice breaker is to ask other people how they are getting on with SW themselves. They'll probably be more than happy to talk about their experiences and this takes the pressure off you having to speak. Most members are very welcoming to new faces and will go out of their way to include them. And if you really, absolutely cannot bring yourself to speak to the others then why not make good use of the time to plan your weekly menu and shopping list, and browse the magazines and recipe books for inspiration. As said, it's only a hour out of your week so how difficult can it be? We are all busy people and short on funds but you have to prioritise taking care of yourself.

Good luck!


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I think you will find most people are there on their own! I auppose only you can answer your question. How much do you want to lose the weight?


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A lot of people go early to have a chat after WI and before Image Therapy, it's part of their evening. There are also people who turn up 5 mins before WI ends as they don't want to sit around chatting but do want to stay for Image Therapy. It's each to their own. Ask your consultant when you join what time IT starts and you'll know when to turn up for.

It's always tricky asking someone to go with you, you could just say "i fancy going here, do you want to come with me for moral support?" - she can only say yes or no!
good luck, I'm one of the people who couldn't do this without a group, I need them!!


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At the moment I go to a SW class and go alone and even joined alone. In the past I have gone to classes with friends and it never worked. I am very independent and hate to rely on anyone. I don't talk to many people at my class (too quiet and shy) but always go and stay for the whole class.

And I couldn't have asked anyone to come with me but just saying you are going and waiting to see if you get a response probably would be better

Irene xx


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Back when I joined ww, I asked a new friend to go with me. She had mentioned wanting to lose weight, so I just put it to her that I was joining - I knew she wanted to lose weight to - so would she like to keep me company. She jumped at the chance. We went together for a longtime until she moved, now we go to different classes. Personally I liked the moral support, and we still support eachother thro the week and text our results immediately. However, if she had said no, I still would have went.
Good luck xx

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I love my class and go alone! In the past, I've been with a friend but found it too easy not to go when she didn't and found I was only talking to her and not really integrating with the rest of the group. For me, my Thursday night class is 'my' time - I get to chat with lovely people who are in a totally different social circle to my other friends which I really quite like. For me though, I am a chatterbox and love meeting new people, I'm not in PR for nothing!!! xx


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Woo hoo - thanks for all your replies. It seems to be a recurring piece of advice, just to go. I will ask my neighbour, but I'll wait for the right moment say that I'm going and just see what her reaction is. Also before now I've said to my hubby that I'd not be going to a class again, but if things pan out with my neighbour I'll say that I'm going as moral support for her and a night out together ! he he. Not trying to be deceptive, just feel a bit silly changing my mind for and against class all the time.