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Debs....Day 7 !! ((oh no ..weigh in tonight...aaargh))


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Day 1 went ok, and was pleasantly suprised how much happier I am feeling trying to focus on eating 3 meals a day, and NO SNACKING on rubbish! :D

Made a booo today though, wanted to make a chickpea risotto for my lunch but couldnt find any 'brown' rice in the store :sigh: , so bought the Uncle Bens wholegrain...thinking that would be free on Core but just checked and its not!! :eek: . Oh well, never mind, lesson learned, to check the product first before eating it.!! LOL.

Its just cost me 3 points from my allowance!!

Anyone know which supermarkets DO stock brown rice, pasta etc. ??? I need to find some pronto!! I can find plenty of white, but cant have that.

Todays munching then so far:

B - 2 x Weetabix, Skimmed milk and banana
L - Chick pea risotto, with rice, peas, beans and carrots
Strawberries & apple.
D - Planning to have Cottage cheese with pineapple and salad.
Snack - 3 x WW carrots cake. (yummy!) :D
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Slight mistake, but not the end of the world!! You'll be fine! And even if you decide that Core plan isn't for you at least it will have kick started you into stopping snacking!

Lesson learned, and keep up the great work. :D

Oh, and sorry I've no idea where you can get brown rice! :confused:


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Aww poop!! Day 3 has not gone well. !! :sigh:

Started off ok with sensible brekkie of porrige, strawberries and sk milk.

Then went off to visit some relatives, cycling 3 miles there!! Ended up having some chocckie biscuits with my cuppa and a piece of celebration fruit cake! :drool: :hide: . Dont all yell at me at once.!! Cycled 3 miles back again. So hopefully that bit of exercise has saved my bacon!!

So decided to 'miss' lunchtime as wasnt hungry at all, and spent the rest of the day painting trellis..which I think must be the most boring task in the world. :D

Tea was supposed to be Quorn pieces, with veggies.. hubby was cooking as I was still attacking the treliss with the brush!! but when he dished up it wasnt Quorn, it was Asda chicken style pieces. (not on Core plan :mad: ), as all the Quorn had gone.!!

It was nice, but todays been a bit of a disaster re trying to stick to Core plan! I think the bisc, cake and tonight meal has well and truly used up my allowance of points! :eek:

Oh well c'est la vie! as they say, and tomorrow is another day, I will crack this Core plan!!!!!!

Deb x


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Sorry today didnt quite go to plan :( Core actually doesnt look as daunting as I thought, I had a look at the WW handbook last night and was amazed at how much is on it.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow
I think any 'new diet' system is a bit trial and error till you get the hang of it, and for me I am having the trial and plenty of errors. :D :D :D :D :D

When you look at the lists, you can have quite a lot of different foods... just need to mix and match to make up tasty meals.

I think the thing that makes Core work is if you can recognise when you are 'satisfied' when eating your food, before you get to the 'overfull part'.

That is the part I am finding hardest to recognise and not sure I will! :sigh: . If my plate is full, I want to eat all whats on it, till its all gone!!

But saying that am giving it a go, and if it doesnt work, then its back to pointing for me, as I know if I count and control myself that way I will loose weight!

It would just be nice though if I could communicate with my stomach and mouth and get some sort of balance. It would be so wonderful NOT to have to count and point everything.

Deb x
At least your giving it a go! You might be surprised when weigh day comes, your exercise must really have helped make up for the treats.

I agree that it would be great not to have to count everything and just know when you're satisfied. I just can't do that. Like you, if it's on my plate then I eat it, and I don't know I'm full until I'm stuffed. I think when I reach goal I might try Core for a while to maintain (though might give it a go before - if I'm feeling brave enough) because I would love to learn when I don't 'need' any more food. It's a hard trick to master when you're used to over eating!

Anyway, keep it up, only a few more days and you get to weigh in and see how you've done!

Good luck!!


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After a lot of thought! have decided to switch back to point counting. I have whimped out!! :D :D :D

I know you are not supposed to mid week, but I just feel cant go on with Core! :eek:

I cant trust myself with my portion sizes, and at least with Pointing I know where I am and what I can have. I think its a bit more flexible too. Its wonderful to have all those ingredients to choose from on Core, but at least with points I can choose ANYTHING I want to munch as long as its within my points.

Still going to stick to the principle of Core, of 3 meals a day, snacks of fruit and veggies in daytime, but just going to point it all up. I think I will be happier knowing what have used, rather that relying on myself to control my own portion size/hunger.!! I basically dont trust myself. !! LOL

So today, pointing begins!! 18 to play with. eek!!

Deb x


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Ah, well at least you tried eh.

Good luck back on points!
I am a much happier WW'er now am back to counting my points. Its going well, and past 2 days have been spot on. Today is all planned out too, and again...points will be right!

I just CANT trust myself on Core, I know it does work, but we all have to find our own paths to getting there. I can do points and know I can have whatever I want as long as I count it in.

Fingers crossed have lost tomorrow night on WI or will have a sulk. :D :D


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Well I'm glad you've realised what is best for you! That's the most important thing, I'm sorry that Core didn't work out, but I know exactly how you feel! I've tried Paul McKenna, Lighter Life, Cambridge Diet, Intutive Eating and Slimming World before - But WW is the one that I know and understand! It means that I'm not constantly thinking about food all the time (through trying to work out if I'm hungry, how many points, or simply denying myself any).

This might not seem a good thing, but I can look at the calories and saturated fat on food, and although I don't know exactly how many points it is, I can have a rough idea - It's so much easier for me to live with!

Glad it's going so well for you now that you're back on points! :D


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Oh no... the dreaded weigh in tonight after work. :hide: . funny isnt it, the closer you get to the time to be done, the more jittery you get.!! LOL

I dont think its going to much or if any weigh loss this week despite being ok doing points past few days. :eek:

Dreading the WI Deb. xx

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