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ProPoints My Veggie WW Journey!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by Kitty_Sequin, 5 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member

    I've really enjoyed reading other people's food diaries so I thought i'd share mine - feel free to pop in with hints and tips!

    I am a WW newbie - 3 days in and so far so good. It doesn't feel like a diet as i'm still eating mostly what I used to, my problem is portion control - i.e. I have none :p. As a previous devotee to Slimming World my portions were completely out of control, sure I lost weight but when I slipped back into my normal eating habits I ate huge amounts of food - hence why I am back where I started....and then some.

    Anyway, enough waffling - here is my diary so far:
    B - 30g Asda Vitality cereal plus SS milk (5)

    L - 400g tin Tomato Soup (6)
    2 slices bread (4)
    Mint 2 finger kit kat (3)

    D - Uncle Bens Golden Vegetable Rice (10)
    2 x Quorn Sausage (4)
    Carrots (0)

    32/33 dailies
    0/49 weeklies
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  3. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member


    B - Belvita Breakfast Biscuits (6) (Bit of a waste of 6 points but sometimes that extra 10 mins in bed is too tempting lol)

    S - Banana (0)

    L - Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato) (0)
    60g (when dried) pasta (6)
    Caesar dressing (1)
    Packet of Quavers (2)
    Two finger Kit Kat (3)

    D - 3 x Quorn sausage (6)
    Mashed potato (6)
    Mixed veg (0)

    S - 4 chocolate digestives (8)

    33/33 dailies
    5/49 weeklies


    B - Belvita Breakfast Biscuits (6)

    L - Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato)
    60g (when dried) pasta (6)
    Caeser dressing (1)
    Packet of Quavers (2)
    Two finger Kit Kat (3)

    D - 3 Quorn sausage (6)
    Jacket potato (7)
    Egg Mayo Filler (3)
    Salad (0)

    S - 4 x Fox's party rings (4)

    33/33 dailies
    9/49 Weeklies
    Last edited: 6 March 2014
  4. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member


    B - Belvita Breakfast Biscuits (6)

    L - Salad (0)
    Beetroot salad (2)
    Quorn Ham (2)
    Salad Cream (1)
    Muller Light (2)
    An Orange (0)

    S - Banana (0), 2 finger kit kat (3)

    D - Jacket potato (7)
    Egg mayo filler (3)
    Salad (0)
    Caesar dressing (1)

    Belvita Biscuits (6) (very peckish when I came in from an evenings 10 pin bowling!)

    Dailies - 33/33
    Weeklies - None today so still 9/49
    Last edited: 7 March 2014
  5. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Well-Known Member

    Hi Kitty. Here to subscribe. I was a veggie (not vegan) for 13 years and I found that back in the day all veggie meals were smothered in cheese, which makes it hard to diet. I will therefore be interested to see what you eat.

    Strangely enough I have Quorn sausages, homemade "chips" and beans in mind for tonight's tea. I also made a load of roast veg this week and had it for lunch with couscous and 30g feta. Very tasty.

    Anyway, good luck!
  6. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member

    Hi Maria! :)
    I have eaten a lot of Quorn sausages so far this week, for some reason lol. I do like other Quorn items though like fillets, mince, burgers etc.

    Your cous cous, roasted veg and feta sounds delish! Think I might have to try that for my lunch at work one day.
  7. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member

    Friday - so far

    B - Belvita breakfast biscuits (6)

    S - Banana (0)

    L - Salad Bar at Morrisons. Packed with plenty of zero point items such as baby spinach, sweetcorn, peppers, beetroot and shredded carrot. Morrison's website has a brilliant nutritional section so managed to point the rest of the salad. 1 spoonful of coleslaw (7) (ouch! but it is very creamy....and very yummy!), 1 spoonful of italian pasta (5), 1 spoonful of basmati rice with peas (3)
    WW Greek Style Coconut yogurt (2)
    Chopped mango (0)

    D - Deffo hit those weeklies tonight! Movie night in with my lovely fella :)
    9" Margarita Pizza (20)
    3 x vodka and diet cokes (6)

    Dailies - 33/33
    Weeklies - 25/49

    Really great to have that treat night and still not used all my weeklies which I was surprised about. Felt in control which felt great!
    Last edited: 8 March 2014
  8. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Well-Known Member

    Food sounded good yesterday. I wouldn't worry too much about the points in the coleslaw - you're not getting much in the way of calories/points from much else!

    I'm thinking of making a nice tub of wholemeal pasta in garlic, tomato and chilli sauce for work this week's lunches. I haven't made that in ages and I do like a nice bit of pasta.
  9. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member

    Saturday - so far

    B - Belvit Breakfast Biscuits (6) and a banana (0)

    L - Quorn ready meal - Stew and Dumplings (gorgeous!!) (11)

    S - 2 finger kit kat (3)

    D - Jacket Potato (7)
    Egg Mayo Filler (3)
    Salad (0)
    Caesar dressing (1)

    Dailies - 31/33
    Weeklies - none today so still 25/49
    Last edited: 10 March 2014
  10. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Well-Known Member

    Yesterday's ready meal sounded nice. Not bad points wise either.
    How has your weekend gone? I always find the routine of being at work helps me to stay on track but the weekends are a bit treacherous!
  11. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member


    Yay - got on the scales this morning and i've lost 2lbs! Very pleased with that because I dont really feel like i've been dieting at all.

    B - Oats so simple golden syrup plus semi skimmed milk (6)

    L - 2 x ciabatta rolls (8) with egg mayo filler (6)

    You may notice that I havent recorded diary for sunday hehe - well it started well but then wine and a chinese got involved. :479: I blame my fella hehehe Back on track now!

    D - 2 x Quorn sausage (4)
    Mashed potato (6)
    2 x Yorkshire Puds (4)
    Carrots (0)
    Leeks (0)
    Cabbage (0)
    Bisto onion gravy (2)

    Dailies - 33/33
    Weeklies - 3/49
    Last edited: 11 March 2014
  12. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member

    Absolutely Maria! I am much more controlled at work because I bring in my lunch and when its gone its gone! I had a lovely weekend though and I was happy with my first loss.
  13. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member


    B - Banana (0) WW yogurt (1)

    L - 400g tin Heinz Spring Veg Soup (4)
    2 x Warburtons thins (6)
    WW greek style coconut yogurt (2)

    D - Birdseye fish in batter (7) (i should point out that I do eat fish occasionally - as long as it doesnt look like a fish lol)
    Golden savoury rice (12) - ouch! and I do love savoury rice....
    Mixed vegetables (0)

    S - Mint Club (3)

    Dailies 33/33
    Weeklies 5/49
    Last edited: 12 March 2014
  14. Kitty_Sequin

    Kitty_Sequin Member

    Wednesday - so far

    B - Banana (0), WW strawberry tart yogurt (1)

    L - 2 x warburton thins (6)
    Egg mayo filler (3)
    Quorn ham (2)
    Quavers (2)
    WW greek style coconut yogurt (2)
  15. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Well-Known Member

    Well done on this weeks loss! Had to laugh at the "fish that does not look like fish" comment!

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