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Decided to come off CD and do slimming world ... scared !!!

Hi ladies and chaps hope we are all having a good day :)

Well I have been on TFR for just over 6 months now , and have lost 6 stone 4 lb with another 1.5 to go , but I have been really struggling for the past few months so I have decided to switch to slimming world .
It is such a hard decision to make , but I have been unable to stop myslef eating at weekends , and as i know I wont be eating all week .. i end up binging , which is soooo not good for me emotionally or physically !!
I feel it is time now to do a more conventional plan and dont mind if it takes me longer to loose the last bit .. I just need to do it right and with a plan I can stick to for life .
i did SW years ago and know it works anazingly and you can eat so much and still loose weight so I am looking forward to starting now :)

wish me luck :)
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Hi and good luck with starting SW - Only you know what is good for you and when the time is right for you to stop this TFR.

I tried slimming world a couple of years ago and lost about 11/2 stone so i'm sure you will be fine and I hope you enjoy eating normally again and get a proper life back again !.


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good luck girl, please stay in touch and let us know how you get on,


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HI - Good Luck with SW.
You've done so well to have stuck to TFR all this time and should be so proud of yourself for losing all that weight!
I'm sure you'll do fine - come back and keep us updated.

good luck with SW, I hope it gives you what you need in the way of food and you can continue your Weight loss.
Your weight loss so far has been amazing!!! Well done!!! :D

Good luck on SW! I have friends who have done it and swear by it :D



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Good luck to you...you have done really well with your weight loss. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. All the best love. xxx


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Good luck on SW. i was on SW before I decided I needed a break from food totally and it's by far (in my opinion) the easiest and healthiest of the clubs. xx
i know exactly what you mean, totally. i came off for my hols with only 5.5lbs to go and put on quite a bit on holiday, alcohol related, then we were out this friday and sat in blackpool for a works night out so didn't really get back on track again. weigh in today and although i was back on track yesterday i'm feeling depressed. i need to get my head back in the game! i have a root canal tomorrow so hopefully that will bring my limbo to an end and i can get back fully 100% after that. it's harder nearer to goal than being quite a bit away from it.

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