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Dental Implants - not cd I know but just curious

Hi Everyone

Just asking if anyone has had dental implants done, and if so what happens as I am booked to fly to Budapest on 13th April with treatment to start from 14th and really nervous :cry:about it even though I have wanted it done for soooooo long.

Many thanks

Michelle x:wave_cry:
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Purple Hugs

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I have had a plate, and a bridge more recently but not implants..

Really do wish you luck, I'm sure it'll go well and you'll be amazed! :D
thanks for the reply, I have a plate since I was 18 thanks to having an awful dentist, but changed now though. I really do hate the plate and have saved up enough money to get the work done in Budapest at a surgery recommended to me. The bit I am more concerned about is them slicing my gums open the drill the thing (lets say raw plug) into my jaw bone that the tooth screws into. Have to then wait 3 months whilt it bonds and heals then go again to have the teeth fitted. The surgery don't do general anaesthetic just local like they do at a normal dentist so panicking now, but am on countdown to it, I fly 11 weeks tomorrow.

Michelle x
I haven't had implants but did work as a dental nurse many years ago. With regards to having the treatment under local rather than general try not to worry about it. One of the most invasive treatments I assisted in was an apisectomy where they cut around your gums, peel them back then drill through your bone to get to the apex of the root, fill it then stitch it back up again. This chap had it done in the chair under local and didn't feel a thing, the anesthetic also dramatically reduces any bleeding. The most painful thing will probably be the injections themselves especially if you need them in the roof of your mouth. If you have good aftercare all should go well. Best of luck, let us know how it goes. xx
Hi - I had dental impants when I was 13 yrs old, now 38 yrs old and they are still there, The most annoying thing I remember is the wire cage they put over your teeth to hold them in for a few weeks, drinking through a straw so Cambridge will be great for then xx Good luck its not soo bad xx

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
All sounds positive! :) Fingers x'd it all looks lovely and CD works its magic before and after your implants! :D

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