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Depot injection

Hi everyone,

Just wanted some advice really. I was on the depot contaceptive injection for about 2 and a half years, my periods stopped completely, as they're meant to.

Anyway - I decided to give my body a break and came off it in October 09, however, my periods have still not returned. Not that I am looking forward its appearance every month, but would like to go "back to normal".

Hosp did a preg test yesterday which was negative :D so it's not that.

It can take up to a year for them to come back but just wondering what experience you other girlies had? x
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I am a bit long in the tooth to answer this one but just had to see what a depot injection was. I actually thought you worked in a depot and there was going to be an injection of funds or staff.............how wrong could I be.

Another learning curve for me.

I am sure someone can help you.
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My periods took over a year to make an appearance and even then, it was another six months before they went back to being regular.

I had a three month gap between my first post depo period and the next. I remember sitting utterley dumbfounded when, at that three month stage, the doc asked me if I could be pregnant when I went to him with severe lower stomache pains and lethergy.

Of course it turned out to be period pains (I came on the next day) - I'd just forgotten what they were like!
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I was on depot for quite a long time, and came off it to TTC. I was quite big at that point and after 2 years w/o even the slightest indication of anything happening, I went to the fertility clinic. They forced me (kindly) into losing a lot of weight, and my cycle began to show some signs of recovery but I still required Clomid to actually get pregnant. I lost more weight after the birth of DD1, and got caught again without help.

It is hard to know just how much of the problem was depot based and how much was to do with my weight, but as you are already being looked at by the hospital, if things haven't improved by a year after you stopped it, request further testing.

Hope it sorts itself out soon, and don't worry, depot is notorious for taking this long to clear.
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Hi Louise,

You are definately not alone, I used depot provera for 5 ish yrs and as with yourself my periods stopped.

When I decided to stop it took almost 15 months after the date of my depo being due again, and several worried doctor visits (where I was was just told to wait it out!!) for any sign of a period and then 6 more months to get into a regular routine.

I stopped because after having an accidental break then restarting, I realised it was making me feel quite down.

I was 24 when I stopped and have gone on to have 2 gorgeous boys, but never gone back to any hormone containing contraception.

I hope this helps a little xox
Thanks everyone, it's only been 10 months so I'll give it a while yet I guess.

As much as I want them back I'm also dreading period pain again - the joys of being a woman hey!

Also - it could be my weight but I'm at least 2 stone lighter now than when I started on injections. It's scary what chemicals do to our bodies x


is getting better at it
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i was on the depo for years then came off and my monthly started 3 months later, then i went back on the depo after a year as i could no longer stannd the pain
I was the same as you. I had the injection for about 3 years. Had no period for 1 year after I came off it & ended up taking the pill for a month to kick start me


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