Despite my "fear" of green days


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After successfully losing 3stone on SW, I 'fell off the wagon' and put it all back on - I then turned to Atkins and low carb (it was very much in the news at the time).

Although it worked brilliantly, I could never stick to it (my favourite foods are pizza and naan bread :rolleyes: ) and I realised I couldn't stick to it for the rest of my life.

So I'm back to SW - no classes here (I live in France) and I don't really like the Home Package thing, although I may go for that when my mag subscription runs out.

Anyway, to the point of this post - all of the 'carbs are bad' stuff has made me terrified of Green days, even though they're a lot easier for me from a time, money and family point of view.

I only did one Green day last week (lost 3lbs) and in order to get over my fear i'm going to alternate green and red days this week (my week starts on a Friday!).

So, a Green day it is today :eek: - wish me luck!
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I only do red days. I found that when I went on Green my losses were rubbish and I felt rubbish too. I have Syndrome X and low carb suits me, but I agree that its too restrictive, which is why red days are great.


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good luck hun.
i think it just takes abit of getting used to. when u being doing another plan


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I love green days......but they don't love me!! :(

I also lost quite a bit of weight on Atkins between 2004/2005. I felt great but you're right, it is restrictive and I'm not sure I could get into 'the zone' to do it again.
When I came back to SW for the 1000th time(!), I thought I would follow all red days with an occasional green day thrown in. However, because of my love of carbs, they have slowly crept in more and more, to the detriment of my weight loss.
I'm not sure if its my age (I'm 40 next month!! eeekk!) or because I've dieted all my adult life, or the Atkins plan itself but I just cannot eat carbs and lose weight like I used to.
I have just had 3 weeks of eating mostly green days. I couldn't get to weigh in because of work and when I finally went on Monday to weigh, I had stayed exactly the same. No whilst this isn't a bad thing, it would have been nice to have seen even a small loss! I think I can safely say this is due to carbs because its not the first time this has happened.
So this week, so far, its been all red days, I feel better for it, I must admit and hopefully the scales will reward me on Monday!! We'll see!

Mrs V

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I tend to have 2-3 days green and the rest red. Whilst I would have to have more Green days, my weight loss slows right down and I have even gained weight before now!

Good luck with the plan, try and get on here as much as you can for some inspiration and I am sure before you know it the weight will be sliding off you.



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I'm scared of green days a bit too. I have had two this week, but I'm convinced (even though I see them working for other people) that having them won't work for me!
I'll let you know tomorrow!!! (WI)


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how'd it going being green? Im a red dayer through and through and Im scared by green!! but Im happy doing red so Im not changing or alternating, but would be interesting to see how you find green xxx


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i know what you mean about being scared to try things when other diets ban them, its crazy because when you compare atkins to sw you could be having LOADS of syns and still loose weight.

you need to try and block out what you think you know and follow sw fully to get the best results, were all living proof that it works!