Diagnosed yesterday! Weight gain????


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Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed with PCOS yesterday and a glad to see there are so many other people in the same position!

I went to the docs with really irregular periods and was given a blood test which is how they found out.

My only symptom seems to be the periods, I don't have excess hair and I am currently 5'6 and 149lbs - not great but not overweight. The thing is that I have put on about 14lbs in the past year and I'm wondering whether PCOS is the reason - what I'm confused about from reading other people's comments are....is being overweight a cause of getting PCOS or does having PCOS cause you to gain weight? I'm worried that as I have gained this weight in the past year that I am going to continue to gain it and become overweight... :confused:

Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Its a cyclical thing, a bit of both really

The more weight you gain, the worse your PCOS symptoms get
The worse your symptoms get, the more weight you might put on

The main thing is that you maintain your weight in a healthy bracket - like yours is at the moment - and keep a wee eye on it.


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Yes definately a chicken egg thing....
I was diagnosed at 19 and I was at a normal weight all I had was irregular periods and Ive had 3 kids naturally without help ... Ive gained weight easier because of my PCOS and the more weight Ive gained the worse my PCOS has become. Im 31 now I weigh 21st and I now have all the extra symptoms.

So definately whilst at a healthy weight try to stay there


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I suppose once you're aware of having PCOS, you can just adjust your diet to avoid any significant weight gain. I was told by a medical professional that I wont ever be able to eat like some people can, because it's so easy for me to put weight on.

I only wish I had listened to them so I wouldn't have put all this weight back on last year :(


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Hi All

I was also recently diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor told me that my weight had caused it and losing weight will help. I believe I've had it since my teens. I;ve always had irregular heavy periods.. and I was 7.5 stone until I was 18 years old.. then went up to 8.5 until I was 22 when my thyroid stopped working (weight gain here I come!.. ).. I asked her if PCOS can cause weight gain and she said 'absolutely not'.. I got mad because I know it's hormonal and so is my thyroid condition (underactive) and was informed by my endocrinologist in the UK, that hormones majorly affect our weight gain..
I'm just confused as to what it all means concening PCOS.. She was a very expensive OBGYN in the US, and gave me no information other than putting me on a new contraceptive pill (which I've never taken in my life).. after one month on it.. my cystic acne got worse.. I was angry, exhausted and tearful all the time.. she hasn't got back to me.. so I'm off of it and won't be seeing her again!

Do any of you know what you should and shouldn't be doing with PCOS? what did your doctors inform you to be doing?


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Thanks everyone :) That makes it a bit more clear! I guess I'm just gonna have to TRY and be sensible with my food/exercise choices!! :/!! xxxxx


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At one point.. I didn't have a period for 5 months. It was so bad I was spotting brown stuff. When I went to the dr. Then she told me I had PCOS.

As long as I remember I never had a monthly period. I just didn't know why, until my doctor told me. So the situation sucks but atleast I now know what's going on with me and why.