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Diary of a chocaholic trying to be good!

Hi guys,

Decided to claim my little piece of space on here after reading so many inspirational posts from you all! Also hoping it may hold me more accountable :p

I'm 23, crazy yo-yo dieter, you name it, I've tried it! Never lasted past a week or two as being a chef I love my food too much!

I'm finding the plan quite difficult at the moment as I am at war with the idea of eat as much as you want (no matter how healthy it may be!) which is in some ways resulting in me being unsatisfied :(

I'm going to try and post every day, please feel free to comment and onwards we all go to slimmer versions of ourselves!

Ann xxx
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DAY 4 - Green Day

Well today has been quite a challenge to say the least as I work weekends for...Cadbury World as a chocolate maker :s hours are long, breaks are very rare and chocolate is ..everywhere! I always find as long as I don't have any I am fine but the minute I give in I can't stop :(

Breakfast - 2weetabix, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries
Lunch- Baked potatoe and beans, mullerlight with banana
Dinner- vegetable and bean stew
HE A - 350ml skimmed milk
HE B - None
Syns - 4 squares dairy milk (need to check value in super book!)
Snacks- yellow plums, apple, grapes

All in all not to bad but also feel very unsatisfied even though full :s

Hope you have all had a nice day xx


Hippety Hop!
Hi Annie, Good that you have decided on running your own diary but am a bit puzzled at your statement regarding being disatisfied even with all the free foods.
Know what it's like working with food all the time as that was a job I had many moons ago as ass. manager of a restaurant.

Hope you can succeed this time and keep up your posts as we can then support you when you need it.

Take care...:)
Hi Emmaline!

Thanks for the reply, what I meant with being dissatisfied is mainly that
1) my brain is finding it hard to accept they are free and I can have as many as I like (meaning I don't necessarily and end up hungry!) probably because I have always associated diets with deprivation...

2) I have a horrible sweet tooth and miss cake :( sounds silly doesn't it! I can't use my syns for it either as as mentionned before I really am an all or nothing girl.

Ann xx
Evening SW -ers!

Hope everyone has had a good start to the week! First weigh in today, lost 3 1/2 pounds! I must admit I have stuck to plan 100% and was hoping for more but a loss is a loss and it is a step closer to being healthier!

Mad craving for cake tonight, probably because I didn't eat much today as weigh in at 7pm and by the time I got home it was quite late. Made the chickpea cake as didn't want to go overboard after my loss. Not to my taste :( quark/blackberry/sweetener filling made it palatable but overall I may need try something else next time! On the positive side, cravings are now gone!

Ann x

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Afternoon everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather that has finally made an appearance! Busy morning today, gym for body pump which I'd not done before but will certainly be doing it again and I am pretty sure I will be feeling it tomorow! Followed by walk into town (5k or so) to enjoy the sunshine :)

Feeling a lot more positive this week, I think having the plans sussed helps as well, ordered most of the cooking books at group last night as I don't want my body getting used to eating the same things over and over again as many group members said this hindered them.

Today's menu: GREEN DAY

Breakfast - Hi-Fi chocolate bar (He B) + banana
Lunch - Baked potato, beans, onions and green peppers
Dinner- SW pasta carbonara made with 85g ham (He b)
Snacks- fruit salad and mullerlight
Syns- slice of chickpea cake (1)

Ann xx

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