Did a temp weigh in at Boots Chemist and not happy lol


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About my height cause im 5'4, always have been not started shrinking just yet. The print out said i was 5'0

So this throws up a dilema do ibeleive the weight cause it was not as high as i thought i wold be after eating for scotland over the christmas period.

I have started CD this morn as i had it in the house so had not been weighed by CD supplier. Just wanted a gauge of where im startin from. In my madness thought i would do a wee week with a supply i had before xmas so the damage aint too brutal when i go back to my woman . it all makes perfect sense to me honest :D

A x
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I would just stick to what the CDC says go from her scales as you will be weighing on them. I have decided to buy some scales for me at home, but was worried I would get obsessive about it lol. But at the end of the day, if the diet is done 100% correctly then you will lose the maximum amount you can, no matter what scales are used :) xx


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Hi andrene

Boots scales eh? My local shopping town Romford has 2 good-sized Boots within a few minutes walk from one to the next, each with scales that clearly don't get on with each other and mutually agree on what I weigh, lol!
I would end up spending 50p in each, to come away more confused than my usual fairly vague state.
Would follow Alison's advice, and so glad for you that you have started, I know what its like to put it off for weeks!