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Did anyone else feel like this?

Hi guys,

All of a sudden I'm feeling really lethargic, weak and faint. I was fine this morning, but now I feel really weird.

My mum reckons it is my change in diet so I'm wondering if anyone else felt like this and if so, how long did it last?

It seems to be a somewhat delayed reaction, I started just under two weeks ago, though I've been 100% since Tuesday.
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I will be a Princess!
I felt like that at the start! It lasted for maybe a couple of weeks then I started feeling better. Whether it was the diet, or merely coincidence, I don't know.

Do you think maybe you're coming down with something? Have you been sleeping normally? Are you under any stress? Are you drinking enough? All of these could make you feel weak and lethargic.

Hope you feel better soon hun :)

Sian xxx
A couple of weeks!? Nooooo, I hope it doesn't last that long with me. I was hoping a couple of days :(

I've been sleeping fine, drinking enough, eating loads, I've got nothing to worry about (it's my summer holiday :)) so I'm confused. I very much hope that I'm not coming down with anything.

I have been quite laid-back these past few weeks, maybe it could be down to my lack of exercise (or doing anything really!) I was giving myself a break, what if I've made it worse by not doing anything???

Ha! OK, I do hope there is nothing wrong. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow feeling fine :)

Thanks for your help!


I will be a Princess!
Hope you do wake up feeling better hun! Inactivity can make you feel tired in my experience - on the days when I teach only a couple of lessons in school I feel more tired than when I teach six! It could just be that you're feeling more relaxed :)

Sian xxx
I hope so :)

I might go for a walk later! See if it helps.

You might just need to up your water intake given the warm weather. I almost fainted in work last week, came over very dizzy and had to sit down for 10 minutes - apparently it was dehydration. Felt fine once I got plenty of water down me. :)
hi elizabeth i have just joined and just want to say "well done" on your weight lost that is brill hopefully i will be able to get lots of tips and ideas brown eye girl
Thanks hon, if you have a good read of the board you'll find lots of helpful tips and inspiration - check out the diaries and recipe sections. :)
I felt like that at the start of sw! I just felt sick and tired all the time! I then switched my milk back from skimmed to semi skimmed and i didn't get the feeling any more! May be a coincidence or it may have been the milk! haha



Silver Member
Hi Elizabeth and welcome to the forum, you will find so many lovely people here who will give you all the help and support you need.

I don't remember feeling like that specifically when I started Slimming World how ever if I have a bad day and eat any significant amounts of sugar I feel like you have described - I feel lethargic, sick and even sweat a little bit, just generally feel poo (wish I remember every time I have a bad day and eat too much chocolate how I'm going to feel afterwards lol)

Another explanation for it could be, although I'm not medically trained but from experience is that if you were consuming a diet that was really high in fatty, sugar laden foods could it be that you have just had a huge drop in your sugar levels and your body just needs some. My mum is a totally savoury person and has no added sugar in her diet at all and does n't eat chocolate, biscuits or anything 'bad' at all but now and then she says her body tells her she needs something sweet cause her sugar levels are so low. She gets lethargic, cold sweats and feels sick and tired and after a twix (the only chocolate she eats) she suddenly feels fine again like nothing had happened at all. I'm not suggesting you or others should go out and and eat loads of chocolate but I'm just saying from experience it could be that.

Hope you are feeling better soon, nothing worse than feeling so poop

Thanks for this guys.

I'm feeling better today, though still not my usual self. I think it's an amalgamation of everything you have said!

During my exam period a few weeks ago, I stopped eating healthily and had a diet of cakes, biscuits and crisps etc... very unhealthy to deal with stress (I said, though I don't believe this now, and will never do this again!)

Now I've come home, I didn't feel relief at the break, I was still in exam mode. That, added with the sudden change in diet could have led to it.

I'm going to drink more and make sure I have enough sugary foods to sustain me and gently wean myself of the stuff :)

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