Did exercise slow down your losses?

So I’m currently on week 9 of slimming world. I’ve got 2lb to go before my 1 and a half stone award and club 10. I’ve been on my scales this morning which are 1/4 off slimming world scales at group. So basically this week I’ve lost nothing. I’ve stuck to plan all week the only thing I’ve done differently is two days of exercise with the ring fit adventure and walked more. Could this have any impact on the scales? I hate the thought off going to group and to have not lost any thing.
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S: 145.1kg C: 137.3kg G: 94kg Loss: 7.8kg(5.38%)
Potentially, but in a good way for the long term. You may have built muscle which is, by volume, heavier than fat. However muscle is metabolically active, whereas fat isn't. This means your Basal Metabolic Rate will increase - or another way, you will burn more energy by simply existing. I also tend to find exercise effects for me are delayed on the scales, however my daft body is weird.

You might also just be naturally plateauing a bit - happens all the time. Then it goes in one hit.

Sadly weight loss is only a measure of gravity's effect - it's not a measure of general health or body composition. So keep up the exercise and be comforted by a sense of general smugness at doing the right thing and taken steps to improve your longer term general wellbeing :).
Thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying but It’s just so disheartening to have not lost anything. Not long till I go get weighed and my scales this morning say I’ve put weight on.


S: 145.1kg C: 137.3kg G: 94kg Loss: 7.8kg(5.38%)
There's more to it than just weight - your scales say a bit heavier but it might be muscle fibre retaining water, which is nothing to do with fat gain at all. And it'll come off in the longer run. I do wish we burned fuel as quickly as my car does.

This is why we should also keep a set of measurements, too, to keep our chin up on the days when 'weight' is not an accurate measure of progress. (I must get around to that... ;) )


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If you have just started exercising your body will be holding on to a lot of water as it is not sure what you are doing to it! Once your body becomes used to exercising (after a few weeks) it will no longer do this!


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As above, muscle holds water, so you need to keep well hydrated. water flushes water. Well done on your 2lb loss this week