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I have found that slimming world is the best diet for me. I get really peckish during the evening and with slimming world, you really won't believe how much food you get to eat. There is so much food that is unlimited so you can really eat as much as you like. Using all of the recipes available on this site u can also make lots of low syn treats for when u get tempted. It's definitely worth looking at x good luck!


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hi, i have moved this out of the weight watchers forum and into the general weight loss discussion forum where you might get a bit more feedback x x


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Hi - I know how you feel. I have tried everything (and most of them more than once). They all have their good points but I suppose its finding what works for you. Im still looking. The only diet that I can stick to is Lo Carb because it helps with my appetite (huge) and my cravings which, like you, really kick in when the kids are in bed. The only problem I have with Atkins is that I have a slow loss and regain really really quickly but im sticking with Atkins for now. Slimming World and Weight Watchers are fantastic diets and work really well for alot of people but they kick off my cravings and appetite and I find them almost impossible to stick to. Cambridge nearly drove me mad but again it works well if you can do it. Hope you find something that works.

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I found I just ate for the sake of it on sw (not that its a bad diet just me being weak) and my weight was getting into a plateau. Weightwatchers has the restriction I need.

Sometimes you have to look into why you are struggling so much... like in your head. I've dealt with a lot of my issues recently and my head feels so much clearer with less garbage to block out my focus :)
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I find Weight Watchers works too. With the ProPoints plan, fruit is 'free', which encourages you to eat it, and you get a safety net of extra weekly points :)


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I think they will all work if you stick to them and make permanent changes to your lifestyle. You need to find the one that fats best with your lifestyle though.
thank you so much everyone ....tempted to try slimming pill aids but i know they are ok but when u stop them u pile it back on again ......i
like i said im ok during the day its night the killer for me :(


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All of the diets mentioned in the thread work, in the sense that you will lose weight if you stick to them. However if you stop and go back to eating as you were then obviously all the weight will just pile back on. The only way around this is to permanently change your eating habits before you've come off plan.

This is why I like SW so much. I'm re-educating my eating habits from top to bottom whilst on plan - learning what I can eat a lot of, what to eat in moderation and what to eat as a treat. In this sense I won't ever really be getting off plan, I'll just be eating a little more in order to maintain instead of lose.

If your doing a vlcd then you'll need to be prepared to eat more healthily once you stop. That's why we get a lot of people change to sw or ww at the end of their vcld plan, so they don't gain a lot of weight when they stop.

As for the OPs question, the best diet to pick is the one you'll find it easiest to stick to and that fits in with your lifestyle. This is different for all of us. I have done sw and ww. I found ww good in that I lost weight relatively quickly but found the points system wearing and after a few months stopped because I just felt I couldn't keep counting the points on everything I ate. I find sw works better for me as I find it easier to stick to though the weight comes off a little slower than with ww. I've been with sw since the end of december and am still going strong though and I fully intend to make it a permanent lifestyle choice. So maybe the OP could do some more research on the site to find out which diet would best suit her lifestyle.
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The best diet for you would be whatever suits your lifestyle. Have a roam around the forums and look at all the different diets available and people's opinions on them. For me a VLCD works best for me because a lot of the time I don't cook my own food and so I have no control over what they are cooked in/with. :)
When I start eating I cnt stop ma self I eat eat and eat even when I am full especially before my periods I just can't stop myself...the best diet that suits me is the shake diet where I dnt eat just drink shakes 3 times a day and drink water...dnt fink about food too much and put ur mind in to something else imagine the dresses that u wanna wear it really helps.....
S: 12st7.5lb C: 10st11lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 1st10.5lb(13.96%)
krupskaya, I find that with WW. They are about re-educating your eating habits, with filling foods and whatnot. Points seem to be the restriction I need. It's whatever works for you though :)

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