Diff between LL - Cambridge and Lipotrim


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S: 19st1lb C: 14st2lb G: 13st4lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st13lb(25.84%)

Does anyone know the differnce between these 3 VLCD programmes
I understand that Lipotrim has no councillor you just buy from chemist
Also strange that on Lipotrim men get bigger portions



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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Yeah, they are all basically the same premise - VLC, but Cambridge is with a Cambridge Rep, not necessarily a counselor, more just a distributor I believe.

Lipotrim is as you say provided by a chemist.

And LL of course has the TA and CBT.


Cost is about half for the other two.


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Have tried packs from all 3 LL CDand LTand found CD the better tasting in my opinion also more flavour options .LL has a councellor but some CDC have done similar training to .CD and LT are cheaper and more accesable as you dont have to wait for a group to start .On CD I could arrange my appointments for days times to suit me (and the CDC as well ) which as a working, non driving mum who had to travel to appointments was very important .

Which is best I think all are as good as each other if you follow the plans and learn to correct your eating habits then you are a winner as with any diet WW SW RC LL CD LT ect if you go back to how you ate before without upping your exercise then you will be back on a diet in no time .Sorry no help at all really lol:8855:but have been :party0036:a little


I don't think you can pick which one is "best" out of LL, CD and LT as although they are all VLCD's, they are all quite different from my POV (if I'm wrong about LT and CD, I apologise, I have no experience of them so this is just what I've picked up from reading the posts on MM's).

LT seems to be soley about losing the weight you have gained; buy the packs, be abstinant, lose the weight.

CD seems to be a mix of losing the weight and (depending on you CDC) some mental guidance / changing habits etc as well

LL is about losing weight and re-training your mind when it comes to food through group therapy, abstinance, and a long & well-planned reintroduction food program (RTM).

Of course, everyone is going to be biased towards the one that works for them, and everyone will need a different level of support to lose the weight; some might have just had a bad year, gained some they want to lose, and decide that LT is enough for them, whereas others (like me) have a lifelong problem with food and need more than just over-the-counter packs, I need someone to talk to and help me change my life.

That's why I know that I will always favour LL above the others even though I have no experience of the others, as with a lifelong problem, the counselling and all the TA, CBT & lifestyle adjustments are exactly what I needed, I'm in no doubt that simply losing the weight would not have been enough for me to keep it off, I need to retrain my brain :)


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S: 19st1lb C: 14st2lb G: 13st4lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st13lb(25.84%)
Hi all

Thanks for the feedback
Its seems all based on similair principle of abstinance

One thing I find strange is that Lipotrim gives bigger packs to men and Cambridge is based on if above certail height and Ligheter Life is same for all.

That must be why guys lose weight faster on LL than the ladies because we have the same calories but on a healthy diet would be allocated more calories hence we lose quicker

I think it is supposed to be 3 stone in 8 weks which is fantastic
Suppose the hard work really comes then in keeping it off




Yeah we guys do naturally lose weight faster anyway, the female body is far more prone to things like water retention especially during their "lady weeks" as Beki put it (I think it was her anyway!)


nope, women tend to gain weight faster than men, mainly due to the fact that a) women usually have slightly lower metabolisms to men due to having less muscle to burn calories all day, and b) they have extra fat deposits in places men wouldn't, mainly for things like protection when carry a baby but also just becuase of the different shapes of men and women.

Interesting fact;
A healthy man will have between 8% and 19% body fat.
A healthy woman will have between 20% and 33% body fat.

At the end of the day, you can't properly compare men and women as really, we are different creatures built for different things :eek:

EDIT: just in case that last bit came accross wrong, I am NOT saying that we are not equal, all I am saying is that we are different :)