Difference a year makes


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Here are some photos from my last 2 holidays
Spot the difference, sorry only head shots, couldn't fit my body in the camera on the first holiday.

I am the same weight now as I was in Cuba so is a pretty good reflection of what I am at now. Shame I have no suntan though.
Thought this might keep me insprired as I often forget how much I have come as its taken so long.
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wow thats amazing keep up good work


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its really sad but the first pic is the only 1 i have of me for that entire holiday.
There are lots of my OH but I just hide behind the camera. In Cuba there were a few more I let him take but not too many


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looking good hun x


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well done you look fantastic. x


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Well done you look fabulous. X You have done so well, keep up the good work. X


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look fantastic well done x


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Wow. What a difference! You look brill!


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you look gorgeous!!!! xx


needs to get out more!
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Well done! You look great!



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Those two pics are wonderful! I can't wait until next June when I can say the same. Well done you.


nearly there!! :)
u look fab hunni well done xxx