22st. Diary of A



I have recently started slimming world, and I and to tell the truth I am terrified.

I knew I was heavy, but avoided scales and mirrors best I could. I often just hid away in the house. Then this summer I found out I had high blood pressure. That scared the daylights out of me. I tried to diet again on my own and failed outright.

So, Thursday I decided enough is enough. A friend told me how slimming world was working for him, so I went to my first meeting. People are super friendly and for once I feel perky like this might actually work. The food plan is realistic, exercise is reasonable without jumping off the deep end as most diets do.

To be honest, having someone I can chat with about struggles and recipes would be amazing. Other than my father being heavyish, my mom was always super thin and my brother pretty fit, so it isn't always easy talking to them. They give encouragement, but at the same time it is like how did you let yourself get that way.

So having someone who is going through it or has been there would really help as there is no judgment.

I have no options but to beat this weight as I do not want to have to stay on bp meds the rest of my life, risking my kidney health. Plus, the risk of heart attack, strokes, and what not terrify me. I get super panic attacks pretty often.

So, that is a little about me. So far these two days sticking to the parameters of the plan has worked out. Due to scheduling I go to a meeting Monday this week rather than Thursday so it won't be a full week, but I am stoked and ready for the meeting.
Today has been, okay, a bit of nerves since going to another meeting with new faces.

How are you?
It's great you've been to some meetings. If there's one you think you'll like better, you'll soon get to recognise the folk who go at that time.

I think the key for those of us who start over 20 stone is to build belief that it is possible. And then to act as if it is possible. Step by step make the choices that will leg us shed the weight.
Thanks. I don't do SW - so I won't join you there.
Keto (low carb) and intermittent fasting.
Do you find it working well? I have tried intermittent fasting I usually fail. Funny thing when I don't try to fast I can go all day without eating, but when I try lol I mess up
It's only possible for me as I don't eat carby stuff. Now I just wait until I want to break my fast. I track it on zero - and am fairly relaxed. I might make 14 but more often it's 16-19 hours.

I've only done OMAD ( one meal a day) once. I usually eat twice. I'm not counting macros - just aiming for under 20 carbs a day. I would shed more if I was more strict. But I need to live this for ever so I am ok with slow and steady.