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    Okay, so we have some friends coming to stay at the weekend and we're going out for a meal. I had all my options planned but now the restaurant has been changed!! There is no NVs anywhere online so I'm a bit unsure what I should eat!! You'd think I would be better at this after being on WW on and off for the past 4 years!! Some help would be greatly appreciated :) I've narrowed the list down to what I think would be okay / what I really like...


    Fan of seasonal melon - mixed berry compote, raspberry sorbet, red berry coulis
    Classic prawn cocktail
    Chicken and bacon salad (dressing on the side)


    Crispy vegetable tempura - sweet chilli and teriyaki dipping sauces
    Peppered breast of chicken - seasonal vegetables, creamy potatoes (hmmm) and peppercorn sauce
    Oriental noodles - sweet chilli, fresh coriander, lime & soy, stir fry vegetables (I would have this either just veg or with chicken)

    Please help!!
    Thank you
    Hannah :)
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    Fruit starter and chicken main. I think they're the safest bets and pretty easy to point once you see the portion.

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