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disappointing weigh in for week 3!!


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Laura Croft

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You've almost lost a stone in three weeks. That's amazing. The 'average' per month is a stone. Just remember your body is not a machine and you need to be prepared to see the fluctuations, based on how much water you've had, TOTM etc. 2lbs is still 2lbs!!


To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
Thanks Laura, I would have been happy with 2lb, but not a gain of 2lb when I have been SSing to the letter

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Oh darn sorry. I know that is really tough. :( When I did CD the first time around, I knew a lady that gained 4 lbs in her second week. BUT in the third week, she lost 8 lbs. This diet will work. Did you take your measurements? That may show you a better result x
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Oh no~! that is awful, but the scales can lie hun, have you taken your measurments? it might be that you have lost inches, if you are doing 100% hun, you WILL loose, don't give up, forget what the scales said today and look forward to next weeks weigh in, bet you will get a surprise x


To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
Thanks for the advice.

I will not give up - although I know thats what I would have done it in the past. I think you're right if I am consuming so few calories the weight will drop off in time.

My CDC was lovely and took my measurements hoping to cheer me up, I had lost an inch from my waist, but the others remained the same.
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Weird one Holly, my weight always does strange unpredictable things too. I really hope you have a very big loss next week and I'm sure you will have.
Everyone tells you to avoid weighing every day but in a CBT book I have it tells you to weigh every day and take your weekly average that then avoids the daily fluctuation thing. eg. maybe tomorrow will be 2lb down but today was just blip.
What I do know anyway is that it's where you're at at the end that matters and that's what I need to keep reminding myself of. But diet very hard to stick to if you feel you're not making good progress! You will though!
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oh holly i am sorry but as the others have said I am sure it will show in next weeks WI.Stick with it hon as you have done so well so far xx


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Oh gosh. How disheartening.

Week 3 is notoriously a low week for losses, but it must have been a shock to see it go on.

But, as I'm sure you know, you have to lose fat on this diet, so it's gotta be water.

I used to get strange fluctuations, and found it helpful to view it as almost positive, because it meant that I was in for a better drop soon, rather than tinsy bits. (Yeah..know I'm weird :D)

Hang in there Holly :hug99:


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Hang in there - I bet you get a whoosh next week to make up for it.


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Oh Holly, sorry to hear that you have had a small gain this week. I agree with the others, that gain plus a loss will come off next week.
I can only re-iterate the advice already expressed, please don't be disheartened, sending you my best wishes x
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Oh gutting, but remember to stay true to the diet. It has to work. Logic says that. I really do feel for you and I know it would be hard for me to stay on track with that outcome. But push on and next week you will see it will all be worth it!!!

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Aw hun try not to think on it too much just keep doing what ur doing like someone else said it could be you have lost inches etc...Hope u have a loss next week x


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I'm in week 3 and struggling too, admittedly some of it is my fault, but the scales still haven't moved for 5 days so far. I emailed my CDC and she was really helpful and explained that after a couple of weeks of good losses it is quite common. She said that your body is now thinking "hang on, I'm being starved here" and holding onto anything it can. She said it doesn't realise that you want to lose weight, it thinks you are being compelled to lose weight due to a food shortage. So it slows your metabolism to compensate. It's a defence mechanism against possible starvation. So this is why we experience weight-loss plateaus (or even in your case a gain although I expect it is water). But if you are sticking to it and having your shakes and your water then you will break through the plateau. The important bit is not to give up? Because what is the alternative? Gain back all the other lbs you have lost? I'm certainly not going to let that happen to me!

Em xx


To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
Thanks to everybody for all the great advice, support and words of encouragement.

I will not give up and look forward to reporting a great loss next Monday :)

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