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Discover Plan? whats it all about then?


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Hello I'm Jen :) and considering joining WW's after mucking about on various diets for the last 9 months and getting nowhere fast. I do like the freedom of SW but eat way too much of the free foods and so only loose wt for 3 weeks then get stuck!

Last did WW (briefly ) 4 ish years ago and wasn't really commited to it- not the plans fault just me.

Have got the magazine which talks about the discover plan and wanted to ask what it means and are any of you having success following it? Do fruit and vegs still have to be counted as points? I remember something called the core plan is it like this?

Is it definately worth joining a group or are some of you going it alone?

Anyway, just wanted to say hello to all and prob joining you with lots of questions very soon.

Thank you - Jen
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Apparently the core plan is very similar to the discover plan. Its "all about discovering your habits and making new ones". More about healthy eating and exercise in the mags i think!

Nearly all veg are free! Potatos, parsnips, sweetcorn and peas arent though.

I go to class, i need to have someone standing there watching my weight otherwise i dont do it. I know some on here do it alone but im far to weak willed for that!


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Thank you :)

Its just knowing that someone else is looking at what i weigh each week. Yes i have bad weeks but its ok, its called having a life as well :D


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hi just wanted to welcome you to the forum l do ww alone l track everything and stay within my points all the girls and guys are brilliant support here so if you have any queries just ask good luck :):)


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hello and welcome xxx me and the mrs do ww from home we dont go to the meeting so far so good i found i needed to buy the new books for points ect, good luck to you xx


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I do WW Online and there is an offer on the moment - its worth a look.

The online tools are very helpful from points calculator, to tracker to recipes etc. I like it but then I am only day 5 so my motivation is high.

I'm loving WW though.


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Hiya, welcome to ww! It's a great diet and easy to stick to. My famliy and I can just eat the same things so we're all eating healthily.

I do think the trick is to eat your points with balanced, healthy meals and lots of free veg. The thing I struggle with is not drinking enough water.

I hope I'll make it goal this time. I think doing TFR diets broke some negative habits for me so now I seem to be able to really enjoy stuff that is healthy and never really crave anything fatty or sugary. I do however sometimes crave carby things.

Ask lots of questions and good luck. You'll be awesome.

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