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Just a question to start a discussion, how did everyone find out about LT, were they truly prepared for starting it and did everyone have a massive pigout the day before starting? sorry! but i did i have been wondering for a while if i was the only one!!!!!:eatdrink023::7834:
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on my last day of LT, I didn't have a massive pig out, but what I did do was have three of my favourite meals, and skipped snacks in between them totally, and at night, just to finish it off I had some alcohol, so I tried not to overindulge just incase I'd get serious withdrawal symptoms lol, I just tried to stick sensible :)


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I found out about LT through a friend, she knew someone who was on it and doing really well. I read up about it alot on the internet, and once I had found this site and saw how well everyone was doing it kind of made my mind up that I would give it a go!

I didn't pig out the day before but I did have a KFC and I also finished off the bottle of wine that was in my fridge!!


Here we go again!
I found LT advertised in my chemist's window. I read up about it and decided I would give it a go. I decided in October to do LT but not to start until January, after hubby's birthday and xmas. I had plenty of time to get my head around the fact that I wouldn't be eating at all. My last meal was a chinese, which was gorgeous. I didn't go mad the day before but we did have a lot of xmas food still in the house. A lot of that got chucked within a few weeks cos hubby and daughter weren't going to eat it!


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I found out about it on here. I was going to try CD but the nearest counsellor lives 1 1/2hrs drive away, so that was a no-go!! I looked on the LT website and found 3-4 local pharmacies did LT in my area! I was amazed as I'd never heard of it before seeing it on here?!
I waited until after my 5th wedding anniversary as my Hubby had the hotel where we got married booked for a meal, so had that as my 'last supper'! I didn't really pig-out, had a fillet steak & baked potato with a few spoons of my Hubby's hot fudge cake for afters!
My first week went great- 100%, but since then I've started picking here & there- something I need to beat!
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A work colleague was on it as her mum's friend had done it and had kept the weight off of 3 months, (5 months now!) I was veru sceptical at first and said that I could NEVER give up eating completely...then after her 1st WI and she had lost 10lbs and said she didn't feel hungry....well it only took me 24 hours before I was in the Chemist filling out a form.........and now my other work colleague is on her 2nd week....and my sister-in-law will be starting today.......
I went to a baby shower and met a girl there who was on LT and had already lost 4 stone and had another 3 to go, she was an inspiration so I read and read and found out as much about LT as possible and then decided it was the diet for me as I did have a bad food addiction (could never have one or two biscuites I had to eat the whole pack!!) The night before I started was valentines day and my husband took me out for a meal, I had a starter, main course with side order of garlic bread and finished off with 2 desserts served with double cream!!!!!!!!.......... so yes! I did pig out the day before ha ha ha!!!


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I'd been toying with the idea of a VLCD (probably Cambridge or LL) but my doctor wanted me to do it through diet and exercise. When I found out I didn't need GP's approval for LT I was in the chemist the next day lol.
Like Aaron I didn't pig out but had my favourite meals but wish now I'd been sensible and cut right back on the carbs for a few days before I started!


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I had always said I could never do a VLCD again (I did CD for a month in 1986) but I was a member of the Diet Chef forum on here (but only really playing around at it - I have to say.. too much choice!).
One night - during a night shift, I was playing the chit-chat games on here with kered - who was also on a night shift. I noticed her losses on her signature and asked her about the plan .... the rest, as they say, is history.
That was a thursday night. On the friday I rang the local pharmacies that do it - picked the one I liked the sound of and started on the Monday. I WAS prepared in that I was, and still am, totally focussed and determined and haven't cheated once. However that weekend I added at least another 2 weeks to my LT journey by eating and drinking EVERYTHING in sight!! I put on about 7lbs - ridiculous I know but in the past and lesson learned!!

Good thread!! :) x
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I found out about it through a friend who lives close by and she lost nearly 8 stone in about 9 months and she is now maintaining and we go out as couples for meals at weekends (well used to lol), and she is strict during the week and she's kept her weight very stable and looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as I tell her all the time - which she totally deserves as 8 stone is a lot to lose - she looks like a totally different person.:):)

As to pigging out the days before, no I didn't really just ate normally but my big downfall is bread and all carbs really and I knew what I was letting myself in for.
I'm on my 3rd week so far and it's going great :):)


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i had a takeaway curry and half an easter egg the night before i started..think that definitely counts as a pig out!!


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I heard from a friend of my daughter so both of us decided to try it ,im on week 4 she gave up after week 1 so im delighted with my self ,didnt really pig out as it was a last min decision to go on it


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I found out from looking online some time ago. I was going to start it but then didn't have the money for it so we had to wait. ><
Definitely made the most of my last meal, we went to Yo Sushi and had all my favourite dishes. Definitely going back there again after LT!


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i think I found it easier cos I had already been cutting down since christmas had lost about 7 pounds but it was so slow and really wanted to lose weight for my holiday at the end of may. I heard about it from a friend and decided well if I last a couple of weeks it may help AND 7 WEEKS later still hanging in there.
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lmao i heard about it from a mate who is doing it who had amazing losses and yes i had a bloody good pig out the weekend before doing it which i kinda regreted it as on the sunday i had for sure the best cinese i had ever had i mean it really was first class and it was all that was going throught my head that first week but the thing that kept me going and still does is i was so ready to do this diet 14 years of bad eating to sacfrofices for a few months love it love it good luck and remmber it gets better
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My GP recommended LT to me 2 years ago but at the time I didn't think I could do a VLCD. Then last January a friend started and lost 5 stone. When another friend did it for 7 weeks before her hols and was losing I began to think more seriously about it. I then went on my hols and while away found my BP was high. Not dangerously high but very high for me as mine is usually quite low. It was the kick up the butt I needed and we got back from our hols on the Sunday and I went straight to the chemist Monday morning and signed up and started there and then!

Alas because we had just got back from holiday there was no food in the house so all I managed was a small baked potato with cheese as my last meal!

I most missed Diet coke when I was on LT but strangely now it is wayyyyyyyyy too sweet for me - I used to drink gallons of the stuff!!!


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