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Disgusted and annoyed

Well our small group in kingstanding is being moved and the area manager admitted that it is all down to profit. Some of us hav ebeen comming along to group for months and some only recently. To say we are annoyed is a understatement esp when the first we hear of this is a piece of paper handed out at class and no explanation form our consultant. The area manager even put the phone down on me ....rude . many of our group are so disgusted and it is not merely a case of finding another group it is just that this location is central to us all within walking distance and on a main route for safety. The group has done so well in loss totals with our only male losing a grand 3 stone, but with this situation it is looking as though this group will be crossing over to the other side..sad really that SW puts profit before its customers!!!!
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I do sympathise, but SW is a business and why would any business run any parts at a loss?
Perhaps the consultant isn't making any money once she's paid for the room? They have to pay for that and advertising and then get a small percentage of numbers through the door.
So, if she's not making money then she isn't going to want to continue the group - it's maybe as easy as that.

Yes, it is sad but I think it's the way business is these days.

No excuse for having the phone put down on you though, none whatsoever!
Hello can i ask who your leader is? i live in perry barr.. and will be starting sw next month.!

there are a few classes in kingstanding aren't there? what will you do now then?
our leader is only temporary although when she started a few weeks back it was made known she was to be here quite a while but alas apparantly not.
What will we do now? simple go join WW if need be as the new venue to off a main road and full of anti social behaviour drugs etc in the area so we are not happy to move there, if they had asked the group we could of suggested a few beter places but app our imput is of no importance!! plus the group members cannot do the other days the group meets are in the area due to mainly work commitments etc.
ps Business or no Business surely it would of been much more polite to come see us at group rather than be handed a piece of paper!! not good area manager practice is that eh?
Still awaiting head office to ring me reg the rude area manager too!


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Yes, I agree, it would have been much more polite.
I was just trying to offer a different perspective.
Could you suggest somewhere else to SW? Or is it that the places you suggested are not available on the evening you want the class to be?
I'm always sure there are reasons why people/businesses act how they act and do what they do, but like I said before, there's no accounting for rudeness.
When I spoke with the Area manager, a very rude person, she just wanted to make it clear that the group was not important or profitable enough and that the issue was more profit and money making than what or where the group could of moved, i tried to explian the safety issues over where the new group was meeting and why the group dont want to go there esp after 6pm but in layman terms she simply did not want to listen and hence put the phone down and to be quite honest if this is Sw afterservice to problems then I dont think I want to stay, and this is aired by many of the group. To be told on the phone this is the reason is really not what a customer wants to hear or to be honest should be hearing, makes the customer feel really at home being at SW does it not!! I as a Sw customer is not important enough just the money I bring to class, well I always was thought to believe customer comes first not profit.
The whole situation was done decietly and without any consultation to a class that has been at this venue for a few years.
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They may very well have taken your complaints/concerns on board but they also have to factor in getting a new venue, which is easier said than done. It could be there was nowhere available nearby which could hire out the hall regularly.

As jaylou said, SW like everywhere else is first and formost a profit making business and in this day and age no business can afford to keep something going which is losing money :(


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At least she was honest with you and told you the true reason why the class was closing. I'd rather that than be spun a story.
It's very disappointing that your class is closing and I hope that you find another class/group that you will be happy with.
No reason why we had to move, if they had put a permanent consultant in months ago then then people would of stayed...it was and still is a fab group in a great location, just greed got in the way!!!!
You dont know if its making a profit though, or maybe they just cant find a permanent consultant. Youve said yourself people have left, its most likely not cost effective by the time you factor in wages, hall hire etc. Maybe noone wants to take it on. Unfortunatly those factors and the fact theres one relatively near by probably means it doesnt make good business sense to keep it going. Ultimately SW are first and foremost a business and thatll be their main concern...

I hope you get a reply from them soon...
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You seem to be looking at it as a big business, which of course it is, but remember, each consultant has to buy a franchise, and runs their group as a self employed business person - they have to pay for the venue, leafletting, buy the scales and equipment etc, and they only make any money at all if they have enough people.

If an individual person running a SW group is losing money by doing it, its hardly fair to expect them to continue as its inconvenient for you - it could be a drastic debt creating problem for them!

I agree, the rudeness was unessecary, but try and think about it from the other point of view as well


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lack of a permenant consultant is going to hamper the prospects of the group being promoted properly - which is going to hamper the number of people coming through the doors which in turn impacts on how profitable the group is. If the consultant is only taking a few quid home for what is advertised as a 15hr a week job - is it really worth their while doing it? As much as most consultants love the work - it is a numbers game at the end of the day. It won't have been an easy decision to reach though I'm sure of that.


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thats a real shame but i don't think anyone would run their business at a loss, at the end of the day the consultant has to make a living, they don't earn a wage from sw themselves and there is a lot to pay out for within the business. but as i said, its a shame and i feel for you, i hope you find somewhere else you are happy with :)
I know a consultant who had to close a group down because after all her expenses (like those already listed above) and all her hard work, she was getting around £10 for herself. She simply could not continue. And there was no-one else willing to take it on.

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