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dissertation + exams = failing to stick to sw


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ATM I'm under a lot of stress with uni work which will all be over in 3 weeks. I've tried to stick to the plan but everytime I feel motivated it only lasts about an hour. I'll eat a packet of crisps (still low syn) but feel disgusted with myself. I just need fast food and I'm fed up of fruit and yogurt, I dunno wether I should quit sw for the 3 weeks and get back on the wagon after my exams which I defenetly will do as I have to lose weight before my graduation. Or have off days and try and stick to it?? I'm so used to buying a baguette for lunch and snacking on buiscuits when I'm studying and I just can't shrug off the habit :(
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Welcome to the club AnwenG, I assume that you are up this late for the same reason as me :cry:

I too am having a badish week, the pressure to get finished is growing larger by the day as the deadlines approach ever faster :(

I am just trying to stick to it the best that I can, as going completely off plan would give me carte blanche to eat anything I wanted and I know that I would get a large gain rather than a STS or a .5 gain

Chin up - its only a few more weeks and then we will be freeeeeeeeeeeee :D


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How about batch cooking and freezing so you can have some syn free micro-meals? Or having ultra quick stuff like Cous cous and veggies (add an oxo cube and some cumin and it's deliciously flavoured. For snacks try making some fruit salads, some nice crunchy ones so you get the crunch satisfaction but can munch without looking (if you know what I mean).

Remember there is so much more to SW than fruit and yog.


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I'm bad during exams, I dont eat much because I get really stressy and dont have an appetite but when I do it I do it to comfort myself and want shitty fatty foods. I have exams all through may and start of june, not the easiest ones either doing a maths degree haha
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Must be tough. Shrimpy has the right idea by making and freezing foods. You can make burgers and have a massive burger with your 28g or 42g of cheese in a HEXB bun and tomato sauce for only 1 syn, things like that are life savers. As as bacon sandwiches! You can maybe make a scan bran chocolate cake and eat the whole thing without feeling guilty. All that and you can still stay on plan :) xx Best of luck in your exams xx


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@blue*smartie, yay freeeeeeeeeedom!! My sleeping pattern is all over the place, I might not go to sleep until 6am, just staring at the celing, but I make sure I wake up at 10am every morning, once I submit this diss, I might allow myself a 48hr nap haha

@shrimpy, I'm definetly going to overpack my fridge tomorrow with some chilli, salad, rice and fruit salad. As I feel horrible after eating unhealthy food and my body is craving for healthy food lol, over the winter months I ate loads of soup so I might make a superfree soup aswell, thanx!!

@becky that's exactly how I am, as I don't fancy anything or have much of an appetite, I don't eat anything for breakfast or lunch, then at 3pm I'm so hungry and eat everything in sight lol. My exams arn't that bad thank god, I'm studying for a degree in welsh and history so it's just a matter or learning dates :). Good luck with your exams!!

@sarah-jane, a burger would go down a treat now lol. I did try and make the scan bran chocolate cake, but I must've forgotten a ingredient as it tasted of weetabix lol, but I'm definetly going to re-try it. Thanx :D
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I'm the same deadlines
Are soon n this week I've just wanted to eat crap to MAke me feel better consisting of pizza hut two mcds and a chinise tonight I know I shouldn't of but I've been so tired and stressed I've just wanted to eat crap and it's easier than Making spesh as I'm on work courses all week so it makes it harder to do my work and cook so this week I'm off SW and will start afresh nect week it's one week but it made me feel better so that's what I'm doing lol x

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I have the exact same problem! In the past with revision i would tell myself, right, if you read this journal article you can have some chocolate etc etc! When i'm stressed all i want is junk food and to order in because i'm so stressed out!

I had an awful week last week as i had an exam and a lot of my old eating habits crept back in and am determined with the double stress of two exams next week that i won't fall back into the trap!

Do you like pink and whites? I think they're only 2.5 syns each and are a life saver when craving something sweet and vaguely junk food like! Chocolate fingers are only 1.5 syns and cheese twists are 2 syns each as well. I love Hartley's sugar free jelly which is 0.5 syns.

Good luck with the exams and dissertation!
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Well, I had a 0.5 gain - oops lol. But not to worry, these things happen. The dissertation is now complete *yay* , so thats a lot of pressure gone.


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I'm so sorry I haven't been able to check this for over a week, last week from mon-fri I only had 10hrs sleep and I basically didn't eat anything, I just drank lucozade to try and get some energy. So after I handed in my dissertation the celebrations began with a takeaway and a bottle of asti lol.
Yesterday for the first time in three weeks I went to my sw group and I'd only put on half a pound :D I thought it would be at least 5lb.
Thanxs everyone for the support, I really do apprectiate it :D
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Well done Anwen :D I have my last hand in tomorrow *yays* I cant wait to start celebrating


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I'm really starting to stress over my 6 exams this year! And the fact my cat is lost :( instead of my usual longing for chocolate when revising I can barely build an appetite, would really like the 28th to hurry up!
I think you should all be cutting yourself a little slack here ladies. Exams and dissertations are stressful enough without you adding to it all by worrying too much about food as well.
One thing that helped me when i was doing my dissertation many moons ago was when i couldn't sleep at night i used to drive to the 24 hour tescos and do my food shopping. It would calm me down, and meant i had food in when i needed it. Admittedly i think i spent the last week before submission deadline living on no sleep & lots of expresso though - not the best idea.

Good luck to you all xxx


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Im writing my dissertation too and its going reallllllly slowly!!! I know the binge feeling, but im sat here with a punet of grapes and strawberries to keep my munching to good foods, and i will treat my self with a synned something once ive finished for the day!!! Just try and not take money with you - take lunch etc!! xx
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The best thing I did when coping with Uni last week was cut up melon and had that at the ready and also had strawberries and dipped them into vanilla muller lights was amazing!!! Or I craved cheese on toast not I'm not a fan o sweet things ATM. Just an idea xxx

<3... Victoria-Louise...<3.

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