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Distract me!

Distract me too then! I am craving potatoes and bread, and meat sooooo badly!

I have so far resisted, had more water, green tea and am now on my last shake which i have made into a hot choc. But I actually feel hungry! Argh!
Oh no! Go for a walk, do some housework, anything to take your mind off it. The more you think about food the more you want it. Keep busy doing ANYTHING other than eating
It's only cravings coz we can't have it. You'll feel fab in the morn when you remember you resisted! Think how crappy you will feel if you do have something, you're both doing so well don't give in now!! In a few months it will all be soooo worth these sacrifices!!

Keep going gals!

Must be something in the air as I am craving bread and butter...I have just drank another litre of water...if we ate we would be so angry with ourselves!! This too shall pass this too shall pass....
This too shall pass, I've heard that somewhere before! Do you go on othr forums?

Thanks people. Husband is now eting said pizza, so temptation will be gone soon.....

We can do this!
Oh for god's sake. James (DH) is cooking sausages, bacon and chips. The smells are divine!

I must think of the fat content...
The best thing I did when I got cravings was to look at the 'before and after' pics or the Inspiration thread on Minimins. Seeing how amazing people looked after they'd achieved their own goals made me want to succeed in mine even more .. and that feeling was far stronger than any momentary food cravings! :D
Fab trick summerskye, thank you [off to have a look!]
madge, are you on a baby forum?
Ah, ok. What you said (this too shall pass) is a commonly used phrase on a baby forum I go on. Sorry, I'll stop stalking you now, lol!
Thanks everyone, I coped!

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