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I am dithering on the scales around the same point over and over - I go a bit under, then a bit over day to day and it has been happening for about 2 weeks now.

I feel sore round the booby area, you know like you are due a period? something seemed to be starting off a week ago, some spotting (too much info sorry) and I thought that explained the dithering - it was to be a TOM, but that went away and just left me with a week's worth of PMT symptoms.

Any ideas anyone? I am fed up of losing the same pound over and over - and whats more in one pounds time I have lost 3st!
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There was a girl/lady that STS for 2 wks then weighed in on wk 3 and lost 9lbs?????? Are you SS'ing, or following another plan?????? Are you drinking sufficient water????? I think these all contribute - but I STS last week and this week lost 7lbs - so we're all different.... Have you spoken to your CDC?
Sorry if this is a bit forward :))). Any chance you could be pregnant? Lots of (pregnant) women have spotting a week before tom is due, it's called implantation spotting.

Also you said sore boobs and pmt, both are massive early pregnancy symptoms.

Hope you don't think i'm scaremongering, just i've been trying to get pregnant for a year and have memorised early pregnancy symptoms :D



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I have had this problem all the way through 790.

A good idea is not to weigh yourself every day. The pounds do drop off!!

Our bodyweight fluctuates on an hourly basis throughout the day, hence the scale problem.

The spotting is caused by the CD Diet as a VLCD upsets the hormones - it will settle down.



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Could you be pregnant hun? sounds like you may have had an implatation bleed, maybe do a test to make sure xxx


Tequila makes miaow happy
i dont think there is any chance of that....I take the pill and use other contraception too - condoms so it is highly unlikely! As STBG says it is probably hormones caused by losing fat - my measurements have shrunk anyway. Thanks everyone - I would be interested in hearing about any others of you that have been through this though! Misery loves company

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