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Hi guys,

I have been dizzy for three days now and in work today I just felt rubbish. I had also read in the Daily mail about the girl on Lighter Life who died after 11 weeks on it and it spooked me, so I had a few slivers of chicken. It made me feel a little better.
Im not so dizzy now but does anyone know if I will be out of ketosis now?

CJ xx
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i doubt chicken is guna take you out of ketosis enless it had spices/flavourings on it etc.

I doubt LL would have been the sole cause of that womans death. A diet like this is safe otherwise it wouldnt be on the market.


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No, it didnt have anything on it, just plain chicken.
Apparently she had a heart attack, probably a one in a million thing.
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I guess it's a case of listening to your body hun...

Re: the girl that died....there will always be horror stories but it was probably unconnected. The way I look at it... how many people are dying every day from obesity-related diseases. Anything which loses weight (in a safe way) has got to be a good thing.

Look after yourself hun- hope the dizziness goes

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Yeah i read that story in the sun, they said they couldn't link the girl's death to LL, so it was probably unrelated.
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My Mum told me about the girl who died (not in a "stop now" way as she herself did LL in the past) & I looked up the article - they have said that they can't actually link it to the diet. Though, yeah, it did worry me a little bit.

Hope you're feeling better - water normally helps me conquer the dizziness.

Chicken probably won't have knocked you out of ketosis, but don't get on that slippery slope to picking!! Good luck :)

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I read that story on the this site 2 days ago. They seem to believe that the woman mite have had a heart defect that wasnt picked up by her doctor on her multiple visits during her months on LL. I wouldnt worry about it coz there have only been 3 reported deaths one being the woman who drank 4 litres of water and her brain swelled and 2 woman who died from cardic arrest. as determined girl says there are alot more deaths that are most definitly connected with obesity.

the dizziness effected me for about a week or so especially wen i was doing alot. it stops thou thankfully.

beware of the picking.

irish molly

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I would not set much store by daily mail stories. Generally, everything is sensationalised. In those rare cases there is generally some underlying undetermined problem. So, it would not matter what diet she started, it probably was just her time. The risks associated with being too heavy far outweigh worrying about the rare cases where dieting has catastrophic effects. Stick with it unless you get medical opinion to the contrary.
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Take it easy when you can Cj. I sometimes get the dizzy, light-headed feeling when I'm going at 100 miles a hour. I know that's my cue to slooooow the hell down. It's a slight drop in blood pressure. Normal on LT. That's why they tell you to take it easy and not to be training for any marathons!

I doubt the chicken will take you out of ketosis.

Don't read the Daily Mail! It's a rag I wouldn't even wipe my ass with! I know of fit, healthy young athletes who dropped dead on the football pitch. Did they blame their healthy lifestyles? No. I reckon that girl had underlying heart problems, she just happened to be on LL.
i read the story too... i was slightly scared as i was gonna restrt my lt diet, i rem last time i use to have dizzy spells alot and it was me having low blood pressure..... but for me as i had severe period problem i stopped, sorted all that out i do take alot of vitimins and minerals i have to say that was what my pharmasist advised me to doo, i have now restarted and i dont feel dizzy at all......eating plain chicken will not ruin your diet. if it does persist you should tell the chemit guys next weigh in, Also if you on the go then u will feel worse u need to rest more n chill out it makes such a diff. dont keep pushing yourself especially if your dizzy you ont want to loose your balance. i hope you understand
best of luck

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