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I have been so dizzy for the past couple of days. Last night I nearly fell over twice and I had quite a headache too. Today I am a bit better but still dizzy if I look up quickly and when I stand up.

It's not my blood pressure because I had that checked and all was fine. I think I'm just starving :eek: - in the truest sense of the word!

Don't get me wrong, I think that LL is a great diet in terms of quick results and it may be easier for some people than others but I for one am really suffering. Most of the time I am wiped out. I look awful too - pale and drawn with big black circles under my eyes.

When I read the advert for the diet, it had pictures of lovely, fresh faced women in gorgeous dresses accompanied by a blurb about how dieters could expect to experiencie no hunger and high energy levels throughout the diet with the brain benefitting from all the lovely "stuff" washing over it from our utilised fat.

I must admit that I have not been hungry but I feel "empty" and weak and my brain is a mush! :sigh:

Roll on target weight!
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My LLC said the dark cirles were due to dehydration and I always drink my 4 Litres but on the days I've upped it they do go!

I've been dizzy and a bit cotton headed sometimes too, but just sit down and relax till it goes.



has started again!!
IKWYM! I dont actually get dizzy, but every few days or so, I get so utterly exhausted that its a huge effort to put one foot in front of the other. It almost seems as if the diet overtakes me and I have to struggle to get back on an even keel. (I have wondered tho if the old chatterbox has anything to do with it. Dont quite see how it make us feel these physical symptoms tho.)

Anyway, hope you feel better (& glowing) very soon!


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Yep, happened to me too!

Last year I fainted one morning when I jumped out of bed too quickly. Had lots of dizzy spells but just learnt to get up more slowly and take things easy!

I know that it is the diet because when I have been struggling (and eating) I've felt much better. I'm back abstinent again and I am beginning to get those old feelings back again.

Mind you I won't be stopping because it works and I wasn't very healthy being so obese! Just need to make sure I take it easy again.


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Hi Sez et al,

Thanks for the empathy and the sympathy!!

I know what you mean about "chatterbox" but I don't for one second think any of my symptoms are in my mind - I'm in no doubt that they are all purely physical.

If you think about it; we are really challenging our poor little (well, getting littler anyway!) bodies in a most extreme way and side effects are to be expected.

I'm off now to watch Sex and the City with my mug of black coffee and toffee bar - who needs pizza and wine?! (But it would be nice!) ;)
;) Its probably just the excitement of getting into your daughter's jeans!
Just a thought - My mummy and my sistor have both had a virus this last week consisting of a really bad headaches, dizzy spells and constipation, plus they cant sleep making them look rough to say the least, none of them are on any diet - maybe it is just the virus doing its rounds? I believe others have had it too


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well actually ...........................

Hi Amethist,

I think you are right. I had to stay off work for the past couple of days and when I told people why I was told that lots of people have had the same thing.

Like me, some people felt so rough they considered seeking emergency medical treatment!! One woman was admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis!!!! :D

I feel a lot better now but still very tired and woozy - hoping to get back to work on Friday.

Thanks for the concern :)
:( I'm into my second week on LL and I have been having dizzy spells over the last couple of days and yesterday felt as week as a kitten in the evening.:sigh: I'v got my second weigh in tonight hope it goes well.:)
Hi Lottyfern,

I think most people feel light headed on this diet from time to time (or all the time as the case may be!) but I do think I had a bug - my dizzyness was extreme, not just light headed.

In terms of the 'everyday' lightheadedness taking it easy helps and getting up slowly.

Hope your weigh in goes really well.
PS Lottyfern

I feel weak most of the time - and if I have need of boost of energy e.g. walking up hill or taking a flight of stairs I may as well forget about it - my heart goes like a hammer :eek: - but I recover and so far have lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks!!

Hang in there. If you are anything like me you will have really good days and then a major slump. I anticipated that this would level out as I got further into the diet but it hasn't so now I just enjoy the 'good days' and have become stocial about the 'bad ones'.

Chin(s) up old girl - it will be worth it!

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