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Do I Change My WI Day?


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I currently weigh in on a Monday night but as a 21 year old I love to go out at weekends and don't see why If I save my syns I shouldn't.

However... since I started weighing in on a Monday my weight loss seems to be at an all time low. Could it be that my drinking at the weekend is affecting my weight loss and should I change my weigh in day to later on in the week so I have a couple of days to pull back?
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hiya, am not sure what to advise but i personally feel better when wi is on a friday...you then know how well you have done and it spurns you on over the weekend. I couldnt really find a class that suited me so i am doing it from home and WI day will be a Friday as soon as i get up as my sister also weighs in at her home on a friday morning and its a bit like support. I think you should do whatever you feel best doing - am not sure if it makes that much difference but when i have had a bottle of wine on a satruday, knowing wi day is so far away makes me feel better! Also it gives me an incentive, try my best all week, save syns then its like a reward at weeknd ;o)


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My WI is on a Saturday morning which I love as I can enjoy my weekend and I know how many syns I have left for the week ahead. Before you know it, it's Saturday again!
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I don't think that changing your WI day would make any difference to your weekly losses, to be honest - as I'm presuming that if you're saving your syns for the weekend, you're being a good girl Monday to Friday anyway.

If your losses aren't as good as they used to be, I'd take a hard look at what you're eating/drinking on the weekends - are you staying within your syns, or are you just saving them all and hoping for the best? Could be that you're spending more syns than you have - it's hard to count them when you're drinking! (At least, I find that, lol - after a couple of glasses of wine all my willpower just melts!)
Isn't it all relative? If you always use all your syns on a weekend then it shouldn't make a difference. If you do it as a one off then maybe but not if it's the same each week.


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I changed from Monday to sat. I'm a serial weigher and weigh myself every day (it's fine - I understand my neurosis and can live with it)

I also tend to have the odd night out and have drinks / meals out. I'm good all week though and save a few syns for the weekend! I weigh on average 4lb heavier on a Monday than on a Saturday. I agree it should be all relative but it makes me happier to weigh on a sat so that's what I do!

As long as u are losing whichever day u weigh in though, that's all that matters.

Ps, the Saturday weighers thread is very nice!!! X

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