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Do it make a difference or not!

Hi all, I'm a newbie and currently on Day 5 of CD SS. I have been doing so well all week and looking forward to getting weighed at weekend but today i started the TOTM and i am gutted !! :break_diet:

Will this make a difference at all with my weight loss? I have been so focused, i would love to see a good result.
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Sorry , should read "Does it make a difference" :brainfart:


I don't know about this as everyone is individual. First TOTM round I retained water, this time on TOTM I have lost as per normal and looking likely for a wee extra 0.5 - 1lbs (maybe) come the weekend. So even I'm all over the place, and I know me...

Even if it does make a difference this week, it will resolve.

That was really no help was it?
Hi, I lost 8lbs on my first week and it was TOTM. Then again I seem to lose weight during TOTM so it depends on whether you have a tendecy of retaining water.

Either way - if you don't get a large loss you'll know why and you'll have something to look forward to on your 2nd weigh in...


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I think everyone is different hunnie. I have had my totm this week and according to my scales I've got a good wi coming my way tomorrow!

But look at it this way - if it doesn't come off this week, it WILL next week. Try not to worry or be disheartened. Weight losses on CD level out eventually.

Hugs x x x


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i Lost 11lbs on my first week and it was also TOTM when i got weighed in good luck hon x


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The first time I did CD my first week was TOTM and I lost 9 pounds. I am a water retainer during TOTM. The 2nd week I lost 5 pounds.


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when its my totm i up my water, and so far i have lsot 4lbs and 5lbs on my totm....i drink it like its going out of fashion to try and reduce the water retention as much as possible!!! :)
Thanks for the reassurance peeps, I will certainly be guzzling alot of water between now and saturday. Good luck everyone xx

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