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Do we do intros threads?


Surgically happy.
Because I wanted to say hello - so I don't feel too awkward sticking my oar in.

I'm Andy, I'm 39 and have been on mins for a while. I have quite the potted history in terms of diets, and have lost a lot of weight (currently, I've lost nearly 115lbs but had at one point lost 155).

I lost it across several diets and started in March 2008. I lost a stone or so on my own, then lost a similar amount on Slimming world, then lost the bulk of the remainder on lighter life.

I went back to crazy eating, and started to gain a lot of weight, so I redid LL for 7 weeks. I'm 9lbs up from then, but have started to develop a real cravinbg to eat healthily. We're recently married and we want kids and I want to be around to appreciate them.

I did WW for 1 month last year and lost a stone - but circumstance pulled me away from it and I started gaining a lot (and allowed myself to do so).

I'm now back on WW, but this time I'm trying to do it as a way of life, and not as a diet. Sure, I want to lose a stone or two, but what I really want is a pattern and guide that helps me make the right choices for life, rather than to lose enough weight to go back to eating crap again (which was often my reason for dieting).

I try to keep the majority of unhealthy foods off the table, though I allow myself treats within the rules. I don't intend using the point system to try to eat rubbish and starve myself of real food (something else I've always done when calorie counting).

Anyway, some of you may know me already but I'm looking forward to getting to know folk here as i find it helps when you have a good support system/set of friends around.
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hi Andy and welcome

i think if you want a way of life rather than a diet you've come to the right place.

ProProints is something you can sustain for the rest of you're life, it doesn't feel like a diet as you can still go to parties and out for meals with no guilt.

well done on losing so much weight :)
Welcome Andy! You've had a great loss so far, inspiring. I'm enjoying WW propoints because, like yourself, I think it can fit into my everyday life and is something that I can stick to without thinking of it as a diet! I'm losing much more slowly than some of the others here (averaging a lb a week now) but I'm sticking to it as I've only 12 lb left to goal and hope to be there by xmas! I've lost 38lb in total since last year (I did discovery for a few months but then stopped dieting for 9 months and started propoints 10 weeks ago).
Wishing you luck with it :D
Welcome Andy, like you I was after a healthy dating regime I could follow for life not a diet so I find ww pro points ideal.

Well done on your loss so far, I look forward to seeing you around the boards x

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Hi Andy, you have done brilliantly on your weight loss so far, welcome to weightwatchers, you really can do this long term as any food is allowed within the propoints, i keep switching from slimming world to weightwatchers but im definatley staying with ww from now on, goodluck x
hello :)

welcome to WW ! :)

i definitely find this diet definitely fits easily into life ! ... you can even still fit in eating out ! :)

and this forum is great for help / questions / food ideas and friends for support !! :D

Hi - not on ww yet - though thinking of swapping soon, on vlcd right now but soom will switch to ww or sw (not sure which) so welcome to minimins and by the time I switch you should have loads of ww advice for me.


Surgically happy.
Thank you everyone! Been a good week, today is week 2, day 1 and still as enthused, confident and excited about how it's going.

I only used 1 one of my weeklies but expect to use them all the next two weeks as going away next weekend for four days inc a wedding. Timing is perfect as half way through those 4 days will see my points reset.

Lost 5.1lbs so far - and lost my first daily point (down to 44 now!)
Well done Andy! 5lbs off is brill :) is that your pet in your avatar by any chance? So cute!

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That is Georgie, the rat who changed my life :)

It's a very long story but if I hadn't found Georgie I might have still been 23+ stone, miserable and single.

I miss her every single day at some point.
Oh what a lovely thing to say about a pet. I have a pet chinchilla called Charlie, they are lovely creatures and very loyal/docile. I used to go to this one pet store and he was there everytime I went in. Chinchillas are expensive and I couldnt afford to buy him but I used to go in just to see him. Eventually I saved up and bought him and took him home with me :D
Georgie looks like such a cutie too, they're very intelligent aren't they?! Some people get the wrong idea about rodents I think (although obviously I'm not fond of the kind that aren't "pet" material). When did you lose her?
A couple of years ago - I've lost 12 since then, as they aren't very long lived (my girls usually made it to around 30 months but the boys got a terrible infection, that caused recurring abscesses, and meant I lost most of them very early).

If you check the pet forum on minimins I have a few threads with pics :)

My wife adores chins (good job as I sometimes have 2 lol)
12 since then! You must love the little rascals then?! What makes Gerorgie stick out in your mind? Was she your first rat?

Awwh get your wife a chin... they live quite a few years which is nice too. Charlie has the softest fur I've ever felt heehee! :)
I must post a few pics of Charlie hehe :D
She just totally changed my life - have me something to love and be needed by and brought me into contact with people again (i was completely reclusive other than going to work). I ended up travelling the country going to rat shows, got involved with a rat society and was admin of the largest rat forum in the uk.

All because I bought a rat, and needed to find out how to look after her properly !

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