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Do you do this? Hex Vs Syn


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If you don't use ALL of your Hex then you are supposed to syn it, right?

E.g: If you only use 100ml of your milk should you choose it as a HexA, you should syn it instead or if you only use 1 slice of bread from your 2 Nimbles in HexB, you should syn it.

I'm a terror for not using all my milk allowance and still calling it a full HexA. If I only use a little bit of it I'm not getting the full benefits of the Healthy Extra. So, I've taken to synning them when I don't use the full amount.

Do you syn yours if you don't use it all? Or do you just count it?
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I don't. I also don't use all of my milk normally, probably half of my 250ml allowance but I always put it down as my HEX A choice. Sometimes I do use it if I go to Starbucks.

With B choices though I normally have it all, except maybe I forget the scan bran will porridge!!
Crumbs, I don't - are you supposed to??


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Some say you do. However, on the SW website they say you don't have to.
It's a consultant thing - some say you can't split HEX's, yet SW site says you can.


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Yeah, I think it depends on your consultant. It was how I was taught, and even though I didn't have a very good consultant at first, the rest of my friends who go to other SW groups in the area (and some out of) all syn it if they don't use the full amount.


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There's nothing in the SW literature that says you have to syn it and after being a member for the past 10 years the only place I have heard that said is here.
So if I had 2 babybel light I would need to syn them, but if I had 2 babybel full fat I wouldn't?? If I had 1 alpen light bar instead of 2 it would be 3.5 syns instead of 0?? Seems a bit 'glass half empty' to me.


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I've been doing SW for three weeks and my consultant definately never mentioned this. I cannot see any logical reason why you would need to syn something you hadnt used, it doesn't make sense.


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I use about 1/4 of my milk allowance so never use that as my HEXA - I use that for cheese normally and if im honest i dont even syn the milk as its so little and up til now my loses have been great!
I never used all of my milk allowance and didn't syn it - personally, I can't see the point.
I also used to split my Hex's according to what I needed/fancied.
It never impacted on my weight loss, I still lost every week.
...not official advice, but it worked for me!...
I don't syn it. I think it's ridiculous. If you don't have exactly 250ml of semi skimmed milk in a day, then you have to syn it? Ludicrous.
I don't syn it if I don't use it all and I've always split my Hex's.

The SW site says this is ok so I go by that not Consultants making up their own rules!


Always comes back to MMs!
I've never heard of this either... Im going to carry on as I am, its working ok so far! :)


Will be thin god dammit!!
I concur!! Hence my blatant disregard for that particular rule (and a few others too... :D )
he he he - i think if your sensible its not an issue


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Funnily enough, our consultant encouraged us to split our Hex's (so long as we had both halves by the end of the day) so I find myself doing that a lot of the time.

It annoys me that some consultants don't read from the same hymn book because I could use my syns on something far better than milk!

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