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Do you ever have a day off?

Hello am new here:wave_cry:

Was just wondering whether people ever give themselves a diet day off and if you do whether you then struggle to get back on track.

Am really not having a good day so far and have a meal out tonight so was going to go easy on myself and have the day off but am wondering what damage it will do?

I am following slimming world - extra easy most days as it fits in with my family life. I have already eaten all my syns today :eek: and will be well over by tonight :eek:

If i just get back on plan tomorrow what are the likelihoods of a sts?
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I do sometimes if I have a big day out and know I wont be able to eat SW friendly food or if I'm going away for a couple of days. Always get right back on plan as soon as possible tho :)

If you feel you need the day off then I don't see why not. SW isn't supposed to feel like a diet or make you feel like you're punishing yourself by staying on plan. Go enjoy your meal and start again tomorrow :)


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I don't have days off when I feel like eating whatever - I work with the plan and incorporate treats into the day so I don't feel deprived. It is inevitable at times though that SW is tricky to keep to, eg nights out, celebrations, stressful events at home etc.

In this case, you can either choose things on the menu that are syn free such as grilled meat/fish and veg, or enjoy tonight and get straight back on plan tomorrow. I can't say you'll gain/lose/STS, but the quicker you get back on plan the quicker you can start undoing the damage.
Hi there

I never have a day off -but only because I don't see myself as ON anything -if that makes sense :p
When I did WW -I was always either on or off a diet..with SW its just a way of eating for the rest of my life *well thats the plan* ;)
I wouldn't say "give yourself the night off" -but go out and choose wisely and you can always adjust your syns for the rest of the week and eat plenty of free and super free foods.. and if you sts or have a wee gain-then get straight back at it..you have to live, and sometimes that involves meals out or plans being mixed up
Hope you have a good evening
I never have a 'day off' for me SW is a way of life not a diet.

If I want a treat I incorporate it into my weekly syn allowance.

Maybe next time you know you're going out you could save some of your syns for treats.
This is exactly how see SW. It is not a diet, it is too flexible and kind to be a diet. It is enjoyable and satisfying.

I agree with the saving your syns for nights out, such a great thing to be able to do.

You will get so used to eating the SW way you will not even consider a day off.

Good luck getting back on track.

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