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Do you have a maintenance plan yet?

Have you thought at all about how you're going to use your additional kcals once you get to maintenance? :)

And do you plan to keep on counting at all (with scales etc, or by guesswork) once you get there?

I know which specific things I'm going to reintro once I have a few more cals to "spend" - home-made curries with rice, more fruit, and a toasted cinnamon & raisin bagel with butter on a Sunday morning... :drool:

I so VERY much don't want to have to do this all over again just because I got careless, so that's why I'm treating this like a life plan, as opposed to something that will just end... just wondering how you folks feel about it? :hmm:

Is there anything you're looking forward to on maintenance that you can't really fit in now? :)
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Haven't and won't be thinking about that for a long time as I'm not due to be at goal until next November!

Your plan sounds pretty good though, that's what I'm thinking at the moment that I've changed my diet as opposed to being on a diet!
...that's what I'm thinking at the moment that I've changed my diet as opposed to being on a diet!
I LOVE that phrasing, can I borrow it? :)

I'm keeping a list of new ideas and new ways of looking at things, that one's BRILLIANT! :D

At the mo, Yogi Tea (the original one) with 50ml skimmed milk has to stand in for my bagel... but we'll get there! ;)
Cheers! :thankyou:

I feel that way too, fingers crossed!! (and because I believe in the Power of Planning :8855:)
I am dreading maintenance and hoping to give it a go on holiday in 3 weeks time!!!
According to MFP I can have 1820 to maintain so we will see how I go on holiday.
I would like to lose another stone and I will be happy.
I have been maintaining awhile now and have only gained weight once (my honeymoon) and lost it again within a week and a half.

I still count my calories, still use MFP as if I didn't I think my "estimates" would be quite a bit on (or over) the generous side.

I don't eat any differently than I did when I was losing, just a bit more food each day or one big day at the weekend.

I'm only 5ft and at my weight now I am only at 1500 calories to maintain - when I exercise I eat more. Although because of my height and weight I don't burn as many calories exercising as heavier and taller people burn so I have to be careful to not eat too much back (really need a heart rate monitor)
I like your way of think goodthings - I was intending to eat around 1500 cals a day during maintenance and then maybe up to 1800 one day at the weekend. I'll see how it goes, if I can get away with eating more and maintaining then I will. I am looking forward to the extra calories although I have no idea how I will spend them! Perhaps on a larger breakfast :)

I'm mostly looking forward to being able to have a frivolous day every now and again and not have to worry too much.

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