Do you have to have 5-15 syns a day?


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Is there a reason you should have 5-15 syns? What happens if you hardly use them? Has anyone tried this? Can you cut syns right down if you really feel you dont need them to lose a few extra pounds a week?
There was a man in my old group who didn't have any syns at all a week and hardly ever used his healthy extras. Would this in the long run make it harder to keep off weight (as soon as you introduce a few syns would you stop losing weight?) A friend asked me this question and I honestly didn't know the answer to it, as I have never gone without syns (I enjoy them way too much :eek:)
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I average about 10 syns per day and both my HEA's and B's. This then gives you something to cut back on if you reach a plateau but everyone has their own ideas?


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The HEX's are there for their name sake, to make sure you get enough fibre and calcium. I think it is better that you at least make sure you use your HEX. Syns however are something different, if someone was to totally restrict themselves fully and not allow themselves any treats then that would make the diet hard to live with and people would give up. The syns are there so that you don't have to give up anything you just change your eating habits, this makes the diet a lot easier to stick to.


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I average about 10 syns per day and both my HEA's and B's. This then gives you something to cut back on if you reach a plateau but everyone has their own ideas?

this i do to, occasionally i only have one HEXa, and some days no syns other days more than 15, but it averages to about 10 or less a day. I do tend to eat more superfree food, than the free, eg pasta potato and have good steady losses...only 4.5lb off target...:eek:


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I have less than 5 syns a lot of days, but if I do use them if I want to.


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I'm actually finding it quite difficult to use the full quota of syns - I'm not much of a one for chocolate and confectionery etc, I've been using mine just in things like a tablespoon of vegetable oil for stir-frying (can't bear the Fry Light stuff), and sauces. Even so my average is 6 syns a day so far. Some days I don't have any at all.


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if u don't eat anoth your body stores calories as fat incase it needs it later for energy plus if u have no syns on a regular basic u will find it hard to stick at it and feel deprived.
the more people eat free food and hexs and 5-15 syns the better there weightlosses r in my exprience.


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i tend to use my syns on extra things in a meal, like having a low fat curry sauce or like tonight i used 3 syns on a pasta sauce and then had some snack a jacks later on but thats the only syns i used today but i do like to use them i also save them for alcohol and 1 treat meal a week


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i have my 105 syns a week and use them however rather than splitting them to 15 per day always have hex a & b


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Milky bars

I try to have a little something every day - just so that I don't feel that I'm depriving myself. A milky bar after dinner usually does the trick! 5 syns and then I'm good.


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I started out at 15 a day so that I could have someething to cut back if i needed to. Just recently i feel I've been struggling to lose and maybe plateauing a bit so I've cut down to 10 a day (sometimes 10 per day or average 10 per day over the week with some days more than others) and this seems to have got me losing again.

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I usually have 0.5 syns a day, unless on a Green Day and then I have 6...I dont feel that I am depriving myself of anything and Im still eating masses!


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I think I eat more syns if I'm not prepared, e.g. I'll have a ready meal and then maybe some crisps, and then pick some bits. So I can easily spend my syns.

However, today I've prepared and have quiche and soup to keep me occupied! x