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Do you lose lbs when u exercise or when you dont?



Is in the Zone

Exercise can slow weight loss down for the first week or two as your body adjusts to the exercise, but eventually it will speed it up - with the added bonus of making you fitter :)


i have been exercising like crazy since b4 i started WW.
im going to spot for this week anyway and see if it makes a diff! lolz
my hubbys gona go mental just spent over 100 quid on new stepper and wii fit!
Hi Sona...i have been wondering about this too! I was speaking to my OH who used to be a professional boxer, and he was saying if for example in my case, i use an exersise bike, he was saying that if you build up resistance, ie if you have to really use your muscles then you put on muscle, but if you for example cycle lightly, your not using the same resistance, hope that makes sense im not really up to speed with all the exersise stuff...but I was thinking id put on more weight on my legs but it turns out its caus it was muscle, built up by me using the bike at a high setting, making it harder to cycle, so from now on, ill be doing it at the low setting, ie no resistance..

god its all so confusing!:confused:

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