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Do you talk about food more?

I dont know what it is, but I find myself joining in / starting conversations with people who dont know I am on this diet, and chatting about gorgeous food LOL

It hasnt been due to hunger or anything and I am not tempted to go out and get some but for some reason at the moment it is my favourite topic of conversation. If anyone says they were out for a meal :eat: I want to know what they had in detail :drool: and I am never normally all that interested in what other people eat

Am I alone?
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My bf has his dinner out every day with work and every evening I ask what did you have in detail Think he's getting sick of me asking!! I find i also think about the funniest of things to eat like stuff i would never eat before this diet!!

becky x


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You're definately not alone. I've become obsessed about food. Not just talking about it but watching any cooking show I can. I should be an expert cook by the time I come to eating again.
Thank goodness I am not alone, I honestly am not feeling the need to eat, becky my poor OH things I am torturing myself and while I dont feel like I am, I am looking forward to having different foods to normal, particularly healthy foods ;) and like you liz I too am watching the programmes on the tv LOL I keep telling myself its for tips for healthy food preparation but in truth its just to see food hee hee.


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Not hungry here either but I certainly crave food. I find myself looking longingly at food or smelling food when people are eating. I guess it's all down to missing food really.


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yep! I'm obsessed with it!! talking about it, thinking about it!! I was telling someone that I was dieting and then after that pretty much every conversation has included maltesers and ice cream! he's probably thinking "no wonder you're dieting!". which is true, but not the impression I was trying to give :)

a bonus is that I'm now thinking about cooking healthier tastier foods, rather than just thinking about what food I could get hold of quickly.. (although I still have my moments!)


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Found myself doing the exact same thing today. Talking about how good a pizza looked last night and what was my DH having for tea tonight. He thought it was extremely strange. I think it was more of a therapy thing for me.:eek:


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im only on day six of cambridge diet but made my son eat all his roast dinner i made yesterday , was like mummy would love to have that lol
lol im the same...

I am not hungry in the slightest... (which amazes me!! lol) But i am so nosey at what everyone is eating... I love the programmes on the tv... and i pester me dad to make sure he has eaten and ask what he has had lol


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Not only do i talk about food, i have noticed that just about ALL the adverts on the TV are for food (specially the M&S) and not only that, I have developed a penchant for baking! sweet or savoury pies, apple tarts, rasberry and apple pies, treacle tarts etc..... NEVER did this before I was on this diet. My family think its a great thing!

Mikki ! xx


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lol . i dont feel hungry too but i keep thinkin how nice all food looks lol ,
and cooked curry for my mum the other day then had my soup (she felt really bad bless her )
i just was pretending the soup was curry(not really the same ) lol

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