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do you think a day off helps you??

I don't really have naughty days as such. I do eat more synful foods at the weekend, and I drink wine too! I find that uses up most of my syn allowance and I feel like I am being naughty. I don't always add up my weekend syns, but I am learning to control myself a bit more, so I go bonkers in a more controlled style and not panic so much...so I stay within 105 syns a week.

Some people eat whatever they want on WI day, after WI...that's their naughty time. I don't do that...I save myself for weekend still!
I need to have a few days "on" before I consider a day "off" hehe ! :p

But I understand where're your coming from and I think that could work for some people but for others I think it might just be the start of a slippery slope. Self discipline is the key here I think.

CC x
i try to stick to it every day but if i've had a succession of good weeks or ive had a fantastic weightloss one week then i will use flexible syns to give myself a treat x
I don't have a day off because I think for me it would be all too easy to stay off and never get back on. I treat WI day as just another day and eat the same that day as any other. I am also trying to re-educate my way of thinking about food and the bad habits I have so hopefully in time I will have a far healthier relationship with food. I have found keeping a weekly tally of syns is far easier though than a daily one.
i tend to allow myself a little of what i fancy at the weekends -i find it hard when OH is munching on snacks not to have a few wee nibbles.


No Coffee, No Workee
Until now I've always had a day off each week, but considering that I've been following the plan to the letter for the other six days and then gained weight for two weeks in a row, it's the only thing that can be causing it! Every day is on plan from here on.
My experience is that my days off are generally a Saturday when I'm going out at night, and all counting of syns goes completely out the window as I down drink after drink... However, I stick to plan every other day and I still lose weight. Only on one week so far have I had a gain, and that was the one week where I wasn't drinking at the weekend... And I wasnt sitting at home gorging myself either. My body just seems to work better with all the alcohol:D

This week has been another alcohol free week, so I will see what tomoro night's weigh in brings. TBH I don't feel as if I've lost anything and won't be at all surprised if I've gained... Where is the logic??!!

Mrs V

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I usually find that if I have a day off the plan, then it escalates and it is harder to motivate myself to get back on track.
That doesnt say I dont have the occasional day off, but I really struggle afterwards!


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I allow myself a "Naughty night" after WI on Wedsnesdays.
I have a normal SW dinner when I get home, then I go to the pub (usually) and have a pint of cider and a bar of galaxy.
I seem to be able to have enough dicipline that I can think to myself right, that's it, now there's a week to work off those syns and lose some more weight before next WI!
It suits me... but then, I don't think it's all that mad and off track!


Carpe diem, baby!
I love doing sw but I really need a naughty day a week to look forward to, what about everyone else and what do you do on a naughty day and do you still have good losses? xx
When I need to lose fat (cutting we call it) then I have one 'cheat' day per week, Sundays and I still lose very well (on low carbs I can lose up to 5 pounds of weight per week, not all of this will be fat however)...even now I am doing high protein lower carbs and I 'refeed' on Sunday...

Yes, it does me good, I truly believe working a refeed into your strict dieting regime helps with the hunger and the mindset...stops bingeing and cravings for me anyway.

AND according to some interesting research I have been doing, it is the way to go (stops the failure, guilt, feeling bad cycle)...I'm reading A Guide to Flexible Dieting by Lyle McDonald.

A Guide to Flexible Dieting by Lyle McDonald | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald


Carpe diem, baby!
Oh and I don't call it naughty or cheating, refeeding or free meals are better terms, as no food is particularly BAD, it is the quantity and the frequency of such things (you know the junky things) that can be bad.


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Depends how good you are at getting back on the next day as it can give you the taste of the naughty life lol. Try saving some of your syns up and have them in a big chunk and enjoy and your still within your plan. xxx
I also have to have days off because even tho SW is easy to follow and you're never hungry, I do miss certain things: wine without counting what I have/salted peanuts/peanut butter/dips - and something sweet and indulgent like 'proper' choc instead of Muller yogs or Goodness Bars. BTW, those orange Mullers are BRILL!!!!! Anyway, I think that somedays you have to have a free non-calculating-non-counting day, so long as you go back on SW the next day (or sometimes the day after that in my case)!!!!


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I also have to have days off because even tho SW is easy to follow and you're never hungry, I do miss certain things: wine without counting what I have/salted peanuts/peanut butter/dips - and something sweet and indulgent like 'proper' choc instead of Muller yogs or Goodness Bars.
This is only my third week on SW and I haven't had a day off yet but I did have a major pigging out session :party0051:at the weekend (gins included) :drunk: and I had to ask my hubby how much I ate, etc as after a couple of gins I can't remember much! In saying that I did stick within my syns (just about!).

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