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Do you think itll get busier again

I am still reading, havent had much time to post as i have been kept very busy with Xmas and my new man, no i didnt mention him already :D:D

I met him last week, i lost 4lb this week, me luffs him :rotflmao:


Addicted to Minimins
I don't know where everyone has gone I seem to be the only person posting on the SW forum at the moment it is getting rather lonely.:( Maybe there will be a rush of people after Christmas.
Oi - I'm still here!

Just been lurking is all - I was so fed up this week, but I'll update my diary and you'll know why


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I'm here!! But I am relatively new!! But I anticipate being around for quite a while yet!! I feel I am really getting on well with WW, and am only going tohave a couple of small blips over xmas then get straight back on...but I expect there will be a lot more folks on here in Jan...every man and his dog is on a diet in Jan!
I'm here too, but have also noticed its very quiet. Lots of the regulars don't seem to be posting much. Its probably the run up to Christmas, and peeps being very busy/going on holiday/visiting family and friends. Hopefully normal service will be resumed after the festivities are over!
Im still here and I promise to post more!! Im upto 11lbs off and weigh in on Tuesday so im desperate to lose 3lbs to get a stone off!
How are u all doing x
I'm here too! I must admit though Christmas is getting in the way of my Minimins time! There just seems to be so much to do. I am sure after the 1st of Jan it will be very busy on here!


Lil K

Addicted to Minimins
I'm here - but quite often just reading and not posting, although the way things are at the moment there's less and less for me to read - heck, at this rate I'll have to start doing some housework ;)

I agree with Starlight - minimins is such an important support network, because we can all understand and sympathise with the journey that each one of us is going through. There's support here that you can't always get from those around you in day to day life.

Roll on January!
I am here hun! Been lurking a lot, but am doing WW to shift a few Xmas pounds. Doing it on my own, as I have all the books, calculators etc. Hopefully should get back to "normal" weight reasonable quickly. Will check in on this thread a bit more regularly now.

Happy New Year to you all xxxxx

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