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Do you think it's possible to eat too much on SW?

A colleague of mine said she found no success on SW because she ate too much. She says she followed the diet but ate too much free food. I'm doubting the truth in this but also worrying because i have a huge appetite and i have tucked into a lot of food the last few days even though it's been free food. It's my first week so I'm not sure if i'm losing yet.
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I would imagine you can eat too much even if it is free food. Even eating too much 'healthy' food can cause you to gain weight/not lose any, things like pasta.

Just be sensible with your portion sizes and you'll be fine.
I tend to use SW like an all you can eat buffet at times, thinking it's free so just go for it but portion size pays a big part. I know SW are loath to say watch your portions but I wish more emphasis was put on it in groups.


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It's possible to eat too much in any diet. I'm a strict vegetarian (I just eat a slice of cheese once in a while) and most of my food is fruits, veggies, rice, quinoa, cereals, soy products, etc. I basically eat the foods of SW green days and if I overdo on pasta, rice, bread, beans, lentils, etc I surelly gain weight even though those are free.

After all it's a matter of calories in and calories out.
I;ve lost consistently on sw and i do green only as i'm a veggie. Thing is its the super free which are the fruits(most of them fresh only) and veg(most of them) which should be eaten. If you eat pasta n sauce (yak)mug shots and muller lights all the time your never gonna loose a lot really(kinda quoting someone else who said that but cant remember who did lol). I;ve had no problems with sw and its actually let me relax about food a little bit an enjoy it.
I put on weight doing slimming world. I have a huge appetite and have to follow a calorie controlled diet or weight watchers for results.

On slimming world I ate lots of free food and ended up eating more calories than I was on a usual day.

This was about 6 or 7 years ago now so it may have changed but yes it's possible to put on weight on sw because I did. :(

Hi I did SW a few years ago and lost a stone but then found it stopped working after sticking to it for about another 4 months and I think it was because I was eating too many free foods. Try to stick to superfree and eat a fairly normal amount of free foods, I think would be the best way to do it. It is certainly the most enjoyable of any of the diets I've been on (and I've done them all, I think!) Good luck anyway
stick to superfree and yep exercise portion control.

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