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Do you weigh in every day or weekly?


Slimming down the aisle
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At the moment I don't actually own a set of scales, and am considering buying some. Though I get different readings on so many different sets, I'm aware I'd need to get decent ones, but don't really know what is decent!

Just wondering whether people prefer to weigh in daily or weekly? Trying to decide whether I should buy scales or not. If I do, I might find that I become obsessed with constantly weighing myself and may end up disappointed at times. Or whether it would actually be a motivation for me. Or, whether seeing it as a bigger loss weekly would be more motivating! Oh I don't know! :confused:
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I have a pair of ww scales that do weight, bmi, body fat and h20 levels but just use the weight part :)
I tend to weigh every morning, first thing, naked and after a wee! lol :) Provided I haven't nibbled I use it to motivate me. I know that my scales don't give the same result as my CDCs because I weigh at a different time of day etc but generally the amount of loss over a week is similar. BUT I only ever use my CDCs scales as my official weight :)
Some people hate weighing and don't even own scales. I think it's a case of personal choice. It's important not to let yourself be obsessed with a loss/gain on the scales though as some weeks you'll lose inches instead which is still good!
Good luck with whatever you decide :)


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Hey Caroline,
Jut wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey..
My advice would be dont get any scales.. even though I did when I first started I personally think its the worst thing to do. I weigh myself all the time.. and to be honest its not good you do get obsessed with them.. and until you go for weigh in that is when you see the true result.. I can go on first thing in the morning and be one amount if I have a shake or water I can go up a pound then if I go to the toilet I can go down 1/2 a pound it drives you nuts!! If I were you if you dont have them dont get them!! Thats just my opinion.. If your sticking to it 100% the weight has to come off..
Good luck x


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For the first few weeks I weighed in every day. Now I only weigh once a week on my scales (on a Sunday) and on my CDC's scales when I see her (usually weekly) on a Thursday. I found that on a daily basis the scales wouldn't move as much as I would like and what I saw on them would dictate my mood for the day... It's much nicer to weigh in on them weekly to see the big picture :)



Slimming down the aisle
S: 19st1.5lb C: 18st6.8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8.7lb(3.25%)
Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I'm thinking that seeing a bigger weight loss weekly would be better for me. I think! Also, my sister went on a big weight loss thing a few years ago but with weight watchers and I know how she got. She did great and lost the weight, but became obsessed by what weight she was, counted every calorie etc. I'm doing this because I'm unhealthy how I am, but I don't want to be unhealthy but just in a different way, and I don't think that living like that can be healthy for me. So weekly weigh in it is I think! Might spur me on through the week more too.
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yeh that sounds a smart move :) I have scales and usually weigh every morning even before i started CD. But yesturday I had a right panick cos i seemed to put on a 1lb than the day before and its stupid being gutted over 1lb. Ive now banned myself from weighing myself till next week when i see my CDC cos im sure her scales make me heavier anyway and i dont want to set myself up for a fall lol
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I don't have scales and I'm not tempted to buy any, anytime soon. Why? well I know that I'm doing the diet 100%, and the weight coming off, I notice it everyday in my jeans and what belt notch I'm now on.

I'm leaving it as something to look forward to cos every WI will be a positive loss providing I do the diet correctly, whether it be scale weight or inches.
Actually losses in inches are more important to me, as I would prefer to be volumptiously toned/fit rather than just skinny.

If I was constantly checking, I know that I'd get complacent and talk myself into cheating just cos I had a good weight loss over a few hours - I don't need to give myself any excuses as I know how much of a rubber arm I have.


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I don't own a pair of scales either as I know I would also be jumping on them at every given moment and then that would dictate my mood for the day too. I love to wait for the surprise once a week with my CDC. xx Good luck with your journey


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Hmmmm... after reading all these I might hide my scales somewhere or get my husband too.. I think they are good for after you have finished cd to keep you on the straight and narrow........ Right tonight Im telling him to hide the scales for now!
I too am a weigh a day girl :)
BUT, I wish I wasn't!!
I think that we can get very hung up on our weights and often forget about daily fluctuations that can worry us to the point of throwing the towel in.
I seem to saty the same on my scales all week, then have a sudden drop at the end of the week, initially it was very demoralizing for me and if I hadn't been weighing myself at home, I would never have known.

I would say, if you havent been weighing regularly anyway, then don't start now! Your CDC's scales are the ones you need to go by anyway!

Good luck with your weightloss journey

I do have scales and think if you can be quite controlled about when/how often you weigh it can be motivational. I tend to weigh every 3/4 days, and it just reassures me that the scales are confirming my hard work I guess!!

I wish I could be someone who doesn't weigh though... maybe you should take note from all these regretful scale hoppers and not let the scales rule your day!!


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I only weigh in once a week with my CDC.
If you're sticking to the diet 100%, you don't need to be a scale hopper.

Good luck.


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I wouldn't get any if I were you, or rather I would only get some to use once a week. I used to weigh myself every day but like someone said it can dictate my mood if I do it too often. Have set myself a mini challenge to not weigh in for 2 weeks as I want to see the bigger picture and hopefully get in the next stone bracket but also break my dependence on the numbers! I know it will come off if I'm 100% so why stress about it? Success is getting to goal, not how long it takes to get there!! Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent!!


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I weigh myself daily, even twice a day sometimes. Its an obsession. I don't think you should get a pair. Just wait for your weekly wi as it can become an obsession weighing everyday. It's your choice if you know your not gona weigh yourself all the time. Good luck! :)

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