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does anyone else find the spag bol too hot


Feeling great in 2012!
I think the spicy spaghetti is slightly milder than the spag bol to be honest. It's ages since I had a chilli but I think that's about the same spice level as the spag bol from memory but I've never had the tomato chilli so don't know about that.


Feeling great in 2012!
It's only called spicy spaghetti as that's what's printed on the packet. The 2 spaghetti packs are from 2 different manufacturers (as are the chillis) and I guess they have different opinions as to what spicy means :)
does anyone no how many calories are in the meals?x


Feeling great in 2012!
Hi Love the spag bol but i find it incredibly spicy and hot more like a chilli. perhaps im a spice wimp but wow its hot. If the ordinary is that hot what about the spicy version or the chilli. any opinion welcomed

kind regards and good luck to you all.
The 'spag bol' is definitely spicier than the 'spicy spaghetti'! I really like them both although I couldn't eat the regular spaghetti without a full 750ml bottle of water which is a good thing, and it does make my nose run! The 'spicy spaghetti' is less spicy and both chillis are about the same as the regular spaghetti.
i was just woundering i have just ordered some of the spagetti.. im on the cambridge diet i just have 3 shakes a day but im wanting to have something to eat once a week for a little treat the spagetti wont take me out of ketosis will its? would be very grateful if someone could let me no thankyou x


Feeling great in 2012!
No, it won't take you out of ketosis but S&S is a 4 pack per day diet so each pack contains 25% of your daily nutrients. CD is a 3 pack diet so each pack contains 33% of your daily totals so you will be 8% short if you substitute a S&S pack for a CD pack.
thanks for answering i think one day a week i might have 2 shakes then the spagetti then will turn one of my tetras into icecream mmmm something to look forward to once a week thankyou :) x


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I used to like both spaghettis but it seems my tastebuds have change as I now find that they have a bitter aftertaste, especially the spicy spaghetti.
I don't find either very spicy, although I have started putting lee and perrins in them to mask the strange aftertaste I'm getting. Ketosis is a funny old thing! I'm also finding the macaroni and mushroom pasta really salty so have to have it sloppy!
I find it helps me drink a shed load of water while I'm eating it as its quite spicy so that's a bonus.

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