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Does anyone else have this?


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Sorry to go down the bowel/toilet/bums route again! :eek:
But does anyone else find that if you have the Fibreclear in a shake or tea/coffee, shortly afterwards there is, umm...a LOT of wind generated!! Starts with gurgling in tummy, then anti social wind (I have to get up in work and walk somewhere else!)
I ask, because 2yrs ago, I had a hiatus hernia repair to my stomach (my stomach was up next to my heart, instead of being down below my diaphragm) and as a result I cannot burp now. I wondered if the FC made others burp, but has this effect on me!
It was well worth having the op by the way, I had to sleep upright in a chair for 8months before I had it done, coz several times, in my sleep, the contents of my stomach would slide up my throat and go into my lungs, causing choking and a chemical pneumonia from the acid!:eek: very nasty, I still appreciate being able to go to bed at night :)
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Hi Cathy,

I don't and I take one teaspoonful a day in a big glass of water.

Perhaps try it in a big glass of water and see if that helps? It is not a laxative...it is a bulking agent that helps keep things moving along and it will absorb a lot of water in the process.

Which reminds I have missed to day...off now to have it.

Love Mini xxx


Always welcome new m8's!
waaaahhh! worried now! Im getting my FC tomora and i...urm....pass gas plenty as it is lol!


Says it as it is!!!
Yup, give me shocking bottom burps! but really helps on the bulking side and keeping me regular x
Lol @ bottom burps :D


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Where can you get fiberclear from? I'm only day 3 and fractured my coccyx 2 months ago so I really do need to be 'regular'
Cathy, I have a spoonful in each of my 2 shakes a day and haven't had much gas at all. No burps either! My tummy only rumbles first thing! It does help keep me regular though.

Good luck with your little trips around the office!


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