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does anyone else smell?

well minimins you've let me down 27 people have viewed this and not one answer :'( i feel very alone
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Hi Nina

Not sure on the smelling thing but wanted to say YEAH YEAH YEAH on the collar bones - beautiful aren't they?!



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Well I always think I smell a bit when in ketosis (especially my wee), never thought it was quite as bad as cat spray though:confused: When I ask my friends to sniff me:rolleyes: they say they can't smell anything.....and believe me when I tell you that they are usually very blunt!


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Hi Nina
I've wondered about this too. My mouth tastes awful all of the time so I am always brushing my teeth, spraying mothspray in there etc. But a couple of nights ago, I went to bed early as I was exhausted and after sleeping for about an hour, left the bedroom. When I went back in, I could smell this awful smell. It smelt like the dried powder in the packs. True, I have got an incredibly sensitive sense of smell but it does have me feeling a bit neurotic now. I use perfume and body lotions all the time anyway but I could only smell the horrid smell in the bedroom. DH hasn't mentioned anything. Perhaps I'll ask him to take a good sniff :ashamed0005:



please try again
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ive noticed the sweet maple syrup smell to my pee but today after i had been for a walk ( wearing deoderant and perfume ) i could smell it on my body too
with the bedroom thing its not me i can smell but the garlic coming from my child!
i use garlic in practically all my cooking which shes eating frozen portions of and by the morning the bedroom is reeking and i can smell it off her during the day
is that what other people used to smell off of me?
OMG i had this this weekend - I made my fella a curry and cooked him garlic bread - he STILL smells of it 3 days later - I miss garlic and spices SOOOOOO Much.

Do you have the option to add condom - ents ( ;) ) after SS?
hmmm well i got OH to sniff me last night and my mum mum said i just smelled sweet and OH said i smell of fajhitas but to me i still smell of cat spray asked some colleagues at work and they said i dont smell one suggested i was having olfactory hallucinations teehee which is possible ahh well i'll carry on smelling as long as i keep losing weight :-D


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well minimins you've let me down 27 people have viewed this and not one answer :'( i feel very alone
Sorry Nina i am more of a reader than a poster.
This thread made me laugh as I am para about smelling esp Ketosis breath now i will be wondering if i smell of cat spray too....

About the collar bones; I sat feeling and tapping mine today and a collegue looked at me as if i was mad and asked me what i was doing and i told her that its not often i get to feel my bones. Got another strange look but its the smallest things for me likethe zips on my knee high boots near to closing ;)
hehe thanks for the reply hun and come out of the closet missus we want you to post although i must admit i do feel quite honoured that i got you to post teehee :) Thats how i noticed i had collarbones i was sat at work playing with my chain and i started tapping my collar bones and then i was like omg i have bones i've also got a lovely hole under my under arm when i lift my arm up oh this body transformation is great teehee.

My dream is to be able to wear none wide calf knee high boots mainly because i've not been able to wear "normal" ones since i had a clot in my leg when i was 18 and a size 10 so now i no longer have a clot my leg shouldnt be as swollen and therefore should fit into a boot so watch this space

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