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Does anyone else Struggle to have the A everyday?

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Healthy Extras' started by sarg1970, 28 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen


    I am really struggling to have the HE a everyday.

    I don't take milk in drinks at all.

    Come bed time I realise I have not had a A and end up just eating 30g of cheese,or drinking a glass of milk even though I don't want it.

    Do I have to have it everyday?
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  3. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Just to echo what Jezzi said - it's not mandatory, but it is recommended and will only help your weight loss.

    I know you said you don't take milk in drinks, but what about making up an options hot chocolate with your milk? I do red / green days so get two A choices. If I realise I haven't had my second choice, quite often I'll heat up my milk in the microwave for 3(ish) minutes, and then stir it into an options hot chocolate sachet (2 Syns). It feels like a lovely treat - very indulgent!
  4. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen


    Thanks Princess Stevie and Jezzi, I will try the alpro milk. I have tried the coconut milk that Tesco do, but it does not seem to taste of anything.

    I tend not to cook meals with cheese in as my hubby does not eat cheese at all, it make him ill. but once a week I do make a pasta and cheese dish for me and my munchkins, but have to cook him something else.

    I was feeling guilty if I did not have my A choice as I thought SW would not work right without it.

    Today I have 30g of cheese and an apple for a snack for this afternoon. :)
  5. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    If you tend to snack on cheese, BabyBels can be good! I keep a pack in the fridge - they're really handy for nibbling on. You can have 2 of the original BabyBel's for an A choice, or 3 of the Light variety. Just seems a bit more interesting than 30g cheddar lol :)
  6. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen

    Used to love Babybels but think a belled out on them when I used to do SW before and just can not face them LOL, I used to have 2 x original on pagan rolls. (dont think pagon rolls are a HE B any more though as I can not find them on the list :( )
  7. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    No, I don't think they are either hun. I remember our C mentioning it at group a little while ago.

    Another good way of using up your A choice is Laughing Cow Light / Extra Light Triangles. As they're not overly cheesy, I sometimes use them as an alternative to butter/spread. They're great in sandwiches, on a jacket potato, etc. Just adds a bit of moisture but without the Syns of butter. You can have 5 of the Light variety, or 6 of the Extra Light as an A choice!

    Just trying to think of as many different options for you as possible. I know it can be hard using them up if you don't really use milk/cheese.
  8. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen

    Thats a shame I liked pagon rolls!
  9. Holidaygirl10

    Holidaygirl10 Silver Member

    I have this problem too but try to have cheese with apple! I like the babybels or phili or laughing cow cheese triangles. Maybe not everyone likes cheese with apple, hehe!!!
    Otherwise I have cheese as a topping on my main meal, ie SW chips, bolognese etc :)
  10. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    I love cheese and apple together! Especially on a salad - such a lovely flavour combo :)
  11. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen


    Had not thought to put the cheese on my SW chips, that sounds a good idea. :)
  12. lucyface

    lucyface Member

    Could any of you tell me how much low low cheese I can have as A please. I have an old book so its not in there.
    does it come in more than one variety?
  13. Murungu

    Murungu Member

    I dice fruit, mix in yogurt and some nuts have it for breakfast, or if I'm too rushed at breakfast I have in for pudding. Takes care of a and b, and it tastes good.

    for those about to chuck toys out of the pram, yes I measure the extras, no it's not tinned fruit, yes it is no fat yogurt. Take a break, ring em out, wash Your hands take a deep breath and come back calm!
  14. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen

    I don't understand where the A HE is either! Thought A was milk or cheese. Far free yogurt is free any way (depending on the make and flavour of course, I like Onkan yogurt, but it's not free :( )
  15. kelly_333_333

    kelly_333_333 Kelly Manton

    How about cutting up some small cubes of cheese and having them with pickled onions!
  16. sarg1970

    sarg1970 Helen

    have tried that, but pickles just before I go to sleep ..............not so good! LOL
  17. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    It depends which low low cheese you mean, as it comes in a block, grated, slices and spread.
  18. Kac

    Kac Member

    I've been saving my HEA/B for a cheeky little cheese on toast at night ... I use low low spread 60g is quite a lot on those tiny 400g slices of bread but very tasty ;)
    Low low do a spread with chilli added, not sure if this would need to be synned tho ...
  19. louise56

    louise56 Full Member

    I love the baby bels as well (although I bet if I sat and costed it out, it'd be a lot cheaper to buy a block of cheese and make some little chunks to last the week).

    I put grated cheese in stuff (omelettes, lasagne etc) if I'm doing those. I hardly ever drink milk and often really don't fancy the cheese - but our consultant's convinced me that calcium helps weight loss so I do try and have HexA every day.
  20. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    No, all varieties of the Low Low spread are 60g for a B choice. It comes in original, cracked black pepper and red pepper & chilli flavours :)
  21. Kac

    Kac Member

    I appear to have developed a slight addiction to the chilli one!!

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