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Does anyone else wee more on a diet?

I have been on sw for the last 3 days and mon night and last night have woken up about 3am and then again about 6am absolutely bursting for a wee!! lol
I have done ww and sw before and the same thing happened then, only for the first week or so thank god!!
Don't think i am drinking any more than i would when not dieting.

Does anyone else have this problem?? or am i just a weirdo?? lol
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I have this problem yeah! I put it down to the fact that I drink 2ltrs of water a day and about 5 cups of tea a day. But I have recently started waking once (or sometimes even twice) a night busting for a wee!

Its normal! I hope lol x


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I wee loads more, but it doesn't wake me (yet!). I just find that I am busting when I wake up and I go more during the day lol.

same for me but i just put it down to my age... ha ha ha so maybe it is the diet instead

Ooooo yes, can I go down this route too please, anything but put it down to my age. Can I also adopt the theory that the harder I have tried during the day with my diet, the more times I have to get up during the night, cos I get up about 3 - 4 times every night, and I do try hard during the day lol.


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If you are following SW correctly you are eating more food that is about 80% or above filled with water! Apples, chicken, salads, veg are all filled with yummy yummy healthy tummy filling water.

I always say the first couple of weeks of SW particularly are the poo-poo-pee-pee weeks, this is why some people get mega losses. They are purging toxins and getting their bowel movements going again after over indulging for so long.

Body works in weird and wonderful ways. Embrace it, you'll see the difference at WI if you keep on the way you are and it will spur you on! :D xxx


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Ive always had a weak bladder & so when my consultant tells me to drink more I hate it but know it will help. I do try to drink more but every night I get up for the loo, one night last week I was up atleast 8 times (thats not normal right!!!???) so yes I understand what you're saying :sigh:


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Although I do drink loads of water during the day, I try not to drink at least 2 hours before going to bed and find this helps. But often up once or even twice in the night and bursting in the morning too!
I wake up to use the loo at least once a night and bursting!
I dont see it as an annoyance though, I just look at it as the weight coming off! Lol.


Nojo on the YoYo
I wake up to use the loo at least once a night and bursting!
I dont see it as an annoyance though, I just look at it as the weight coming off! Lol.
Hahahaha I do the EXACT same thing! I always mentally clap my hands with glee when I have a big wee!

Big wee = big loss at class and hopefully that big fruit basket will be MIIIINE! :D
Well see if i don't get a decent loss next monday after being up every night (twice last night) i will be seriously peed off!! (no pun intended lol!!)
Yep, that's how I know I'm actually losing weight - always needing a wee. Isn't it wierd how you come to associate weeing with being really pleased with yourself!

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