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Doe's anyone ever feel light headed?

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Sometimes when I come out of the sauna after doing some exercise in the gym, I feel light headed, infact I though I was going to faint.
I also had this feeling once at work, I know I've been drinking enough water, anyone know why this may be happening? I've never had anything like this before.
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I've not had this and I've been going to the gym regularly since about week 3 --- do you think you're doing a bit too much when you're there as we're only on about 500 cals?

I had this last week and my LLc said it was because I was dehydrated even though I was drinking plenty of water. So this week i have increased water intake and don't feel light headed. Don't know if this is the case with you.
I had this on week 12 - I was really dizzy even when sitting down and felt very weak. My blood pressure was low - 88/60 so I upped my water from 4.5l to 6 litres. That did the trick and got my BP up to 104/60 in a couple of days - felt a lot better. I did think I might have to start eating a week early but it didn't come to that. I haven't been in a sauna for years but I seem to remember I needed to drink lots afterwards - perhaps you are a bit dehydrated despite how much you drink. As our weight comes down so does our BP - not too hot on biology but it's all to do with that I think (and the very low calorie intake - our bodies just struggle sometimes). Hope it improves soon.
Sauna are very hot and can make you dizzy - sometimes I get like that (even without LL!!) when my bath is too hot! Just take things easy, make sure having your water (but dont overdo it!!) and see if that helps! One of the great things of LL for me is learning what my body's language is! Never did before as sqqashed it all with food; can be restrictive but wouldnt change it as now able to recognise that I didnt look after myself that well before!!


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Cherry please don't use the sauna at the gym!
I feel like this in the shower sometimes so have to turn it down but as you are on a VLCD your BP will rise dramatically in a sauna leading you to go dizzy.
If you want a more technical explanation I will happy explain it in Medical Geek terms! ;)

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys,
I really love the sauna, but I will keep away from it while on LL :cry: if it is causing me problems.
I will just have to do another length in the pool instead.
I suffered with light-headedness and fits of giddy spells too - from about week 10 until week 14, they're only just beginning to subside now.

Don't know what caused it, saw GP, who tested BP along with other things, and she said it was just a phase, and if it didn't continue long-term, not to worry about it.


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I got this feeling quite a lot in Sri Lanka. I was drinking plenty of water but perhaps I was dehydrated. It is possible as it was very hot over there and so humid. I added salt to my soup as I did encounter a few leg cramps which is a sign that I needed more salt.

Not felt like this since coming back to the UK


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